MM - Bright side of life

Almost a week into my fiftieth year, and things have been... interesting. Not nearly as interesting as my dear friend thinkum (suffice to say Murphy was not kind to her), but still enough to give me pause. I'm finding that looking for the bright side of every situation helps me stay centered and calm (calm for me, anyway... *grin*).For example -...more

Why it Takes Falling Apart to Keep it Together

It starts with something small and not directly in your control.  Small, but still relevant.  You get a flat tire, your toilet overflows, an unexpected bill slides into your mailbox and so on and so on.  Usually, you would just chalk this up to a bump in the road of your otherwise pretty great life.  But with the delivery of this particularly unpleasant present also comes a slight shift in the air.  It's subtle but palpable and that inner voice that we all try to hush whispers, "A storm is coming."...more

Hello World

Hello World! This is my first blog on Blog Her. A little bit about me........ I am a mother to an awesome 3 year old. I am a wife to a man who refuses to contribute emotionally and financially. I am an artist who has, for the time being, had to persue career choices alternative to my dream in order to support my family. I am a painter, a weekday vegetarian, an animal lover, book reader, a musician, a jr software test engineer, cook, gardener, friend and much more....more