Looking Forward

I always need something to look forward to - just to get me through the work week, school, or just pure stress. Even if I'm at work and all I have to look forward to is going home, bringing home Chipotle for me and my fiance, and binge watching our favorite show - that's enough for me. Sometimes planning out fun things to do throughout your week can help you get through the sometimes boring daily routine. Even saving for bigger trips a few months away is such a good motivator to work harder and save for something fun....more

Letter From My Childhood

Ms. Brenda Moguez88888 Future AvenueTime Beyond Today, The World at Large Dear Sister-Self (my true soul sister) ME! ...more

How are You Steering Your Life?

From what viewpoint are you looking at your life?  Are you looking in the rear-view mirror or are you looking through your windshield?Looking through your rear-view mirror is viewing life with chains of the past.  Some of these chains may be limiting beliefs that were drilled into your head as a young girl.“You will work in the family business”“Girls are never good at math or science”...more

Now and Then and Later

The Zen philosophy of life is to live in the moment. Don’t look behind you, don’t look ahead – just exist in the now, this very minute, where you stand, sit or tumble. Live as if today was the last day of your life. Live life to the fullest and never let yourself fall into the trap of “what if” or “maybe someday.”...more