The Lorax 2012 - More than marketing

March 16, 2012 I took my brother to the movies for his birthday. It had been a few years since I did anything for my brother on his birthday, so I decided that I would extend the olive branch and take him out. We went to the movie theater. There wasn't much playing, except for the Lorax. Personally, I was super excited about this movie, since it was my absolute favourite Dr. Seuss book as a child. So we went to see The Lorax made into big screen material (not 3D though......more

Raising Sons & Daughters Who Speak for the Trees (The Lorax Edition)

This past weekend have been so much fun with my husband done with finals and spending time with us without thinking of work or school. On Saturday, we woke up and didn't have a plan. After a sumptuous breakfast, I proclaimed that we were driving to Pittsburgh, a whopping 2.5hours away from home....more

Once-ler Upon a Time

The Lorax is an awesome movie....more

Have a Very Seussical Read Across America Day!

It is not merely a coincidence that Read Across America Day and Dr. Seuss' birthday both fall on March 2. Back in 1997, when the National Education Association came up with the idea of a day to celebrate reading, they decided that they could not think of a better date to celebrate it than on the birthday of the much beloved children's book author. This year we we have even more to celebrate as The Lorax hits theatres across North America. ...more
After you take your child to the Lorax it will be all of our new favorite! My grand kids loved ...more

The Lorax By Dr. Seuss- Why you should read it to your kids!

If you are a green mommy, you must own this book! This is one of the stories I enjoy reading to my son most; and it is guaranteed to get a tear or two. ...more