Our help

One night my husband was reading from the Daily Light before we went to bed. The Daily Light has morning and evening readings of Bible verses (on a particular theme) from throughout the Bible. That evening's reading was how God is our help. But the last verse jumped out at me! It was this verse, "Our help is in the name of the LORD, who made heaven and earth. (Psalm 124:8) " It was actually the last phrase that got my attention. "...who made heaven and earth."  Wow!...more

When Friends Inspire You

I met my friend Hitomi for the very first time at the copy center where we work as English instructors. It was a brief encounter where we realized we were both new members of the English faculty at the college, and then we said good-bye. Because it was my first semester teaching there, I was shy, so I didn't push to exchange e-mails or phone numbers, even though I wanted to. I could use a friend for unanswered questions, or just to interview about their experience in the classroom. Weeks later, I would ask my boss for the name of that instuctor I had met....more

Do You See What I See?

Every night was the same.  Mary slept until some time between the second and third watch.  She'd wake, then lie wide-eyed until dawn.  It had been this way ever since the great and terrible day of the angel.  After his visitation, Mary found it hard to close her eyes, to even blink.  Every time she did, she saw not her life, but her son's death, pass before her vision.How many times each night did she question her divine appo...more