Let your children lose; their mental health depends on it

Have you ever fudged the rules of Candy Land, just so your kiddo wouldn’t lose? Or perhaps you’ve intentionally slowed down when racing your child across the backyard, just to see her cross the finish line first? As a parent, seeing your child experience the joy of winning is priceless. And protecting her from losing shields her from experiencing the sadness, anger, and disappointment that come with defeat....more

I’m Raising A Loser And Why You Should Too

 I’m Raising A Loser And Why You Should Too ...more

Gulp. Children's baby teeth falling out. It's minging

Watching kids grow and blossom is a wonderful thing ........ until they start losing their teeth, that is. And then it all goes a bit wrong. To put it into context, I am not exactly what you would describe as a squeamish person. As the daughter of a medical Doctor, I spent my youthful mornings eating strawberry jam on toast, and poring over his weekly medical magazines. ...more
@dangermousette Especially when it is just hanging by a thread...more

Free Christian Weight Loss Program, Lose 100 Pounds or More

Christian weight loss tips to Lose 100 Pounds in One Year: If you have 100 pounds of weight to lose, then the only way you will be successful at releasing that excess weight is to change your entire mindset about food....more

Savage Joy: Training Part 1

That's me in the gold and black, in one of the happiest moments of my fighting career to date. ...more

(I only just now realized you have Miss Piggy for your avatar. Love it!)more

Help Me Stop Snacking!

I'm 35 and had my 3rd child six months ago. While I was pregnant, with all three of my girls, I gained almost 60 pounds each time. Yes, I just said 60 pounds! I'm also a 15 year bulimic/anorexic veteran. Not something I'm proud of, but something I've dealt with none-the-less. I was in a gain/lose cycle for so many years. Yo-yo-ing back and forth has been trying and tiring. It's led me down roads of anxiety and depression, and has literally ruined my life at some stages. I'm not proud of it, but know I'm forgiven and I'm moving on....more

Even the Losers

Elvis and Tupac are conspiring to ruin my life. I don't know what the other possibilities are. ...more

What’s for Dinner?

I look at the Healthy Lifestyle Bloggers several times a day--scanning headlines, clicking links, and looking for inspiration. Wednesday, I found My Photo Food Journal at the fight for fitness. ...more

Video Musing "To Win Means Something, But..." by Sally Huss

Sally Huss comments on her Happy Musing " To win mean something, but..." ...more

Losing It!

I wish this were a piece about my losing weight. Sadly though, it isn't. It is about me losing my mind. Days like today, I do start to question my memory retention skills. I was out running around all over town, doing errands. I decided to stop in at Whole Foods and to get some milk and while there I figured I could get that environmentally "safe" bleach I had considered buying recently. I had changed the sheets on our bed today and decided they looked rather dingy. ...more