The Day My Daughter Found Out I Have a Dad

For as long as my children have lived, they’ve assumed that I have only one parent: a mom. I didn’t have a dad because I never talked about having a dad. I never talked about having a dad because, in my mind, I don’t have a dad. Or, I did have a dad, but he died in 2008, two years before my oldest was born. So, since he wasn’t living when we conceived my first daughter and he wasn’t living when she was born, he had no meaning, beyond DNA, to their lives. So I didn’t talk about him…ever. ...more

Tragedy & Loss – Dealing with Grief

Sometimes I feel like it would be better if I never read the news or the headlines. Maybe then I wouldn’t be bombarded with all the horrible tragedies and loss that have been affecting the world, specifically surrounding my city of Seattle. Last week I could not turn off the television as I watched the news unfold about the KOMO 4 News helicopter that crashed on the street outside my former office building....more

Christmas Mourning

Most of my day was spent on holiday-related pursuits - listening to Christmas music, shopping for gifts, enjoying a gingerbread latte, wrapping presents... that sort of seasonal goodness. I was happy and busy... yet it was bittersweet, for punctuating my joy were flashes of grief as my thoughts kept returning to the many, many families who lost loved ones yesterday in the horrific events in Newtown, Connecticut. ...more

Cross Post: Reliving the Sorrow All Over Again

With the current trial going on in reference to the Hudson murders, I began to reminisce and remembered the commentary I wrote when that terrible tragedy first happened. I felt the need to take a quick hiatus from this month’s topic to re-post this blog post I wrote from October 27, 2008....more
I am so sorry for your loss... I can't imagine how hard it must have been for you... losing a ...more

Dedicated to Sandy (Updated)

Dedicated to Sandy (Updated) ...more
Hi Gail - you sent a message to us via the contact form but your email is bouncing so I can't ...more

What if there is no funeral?

Lisa LaGrou My mother-in-law phoned my husband recnetly with some sad news about a death on his side of the family. While the actual news of the call wasn't altogether surprising, the outcome was unexpected. I'm going to let my husband tell the story. Here it is:   I have to set this story up with a disclaimer. I have a large extended family....more