Weight Watchers Update

Today I am so excited to share my progress from my guest post last month.  You are new and didn't read about it?  Check it out here.  ...more

You are Not Your Sister (or Your Brother for that Matter)

It seems that when it comes to weight we are always trying to find a reason for our extra poundage. Time and time again you hear “I’ve just got bad genes”. Maybe you think because you come from an overweight family that obesity is “in your genes”. Our maybe, if you are like a lot of us, you look at your thinner sister or brother and think you got the bad end of the stick. But are our genes really to blame?...more

A Beginner's Full Body Workout for Women

Here's an exercise training program combining free-weight and callisthenic resistance exercises with cardiovascular exercise (cardio) for a complete, full-body workout. This program has many benefits including:...more

I actually don't think about weight loss, ever

Am I in the minority? ...more

Letting Go of the "Mom-Shell" and Accepting My New Body

Every now and then I come across an article and say, “Sister, you are speaking my language.” One of these stories came out a few days ago. Before I get to it, here’s a little background. I once had a Twitter message from some guy I didn’t know that said. “Lisa are you pregnant? If not, diet, diet, diet.” I wasn’t pregnant. But I had given birth to my second child about six months earlier. Yes, that’s a real tweet. Yes, I thought as I stared at the portly man’s Twitter photo, “What the !(@?” And yes it bugged the heck out of me....more
Live and let live.more

Why You Shouldn’t Attempt to Lose More than 2 Pounds a Week

The most common side effect of losing more than 2 pounds a week is weight regain, especially in the absence of exercise. This is the primary reason that low-calorie dieting is not effective in the long-term if you’re trying to control your body weight....more

On Winning

Today's mail brought two weekend passports to our city's upcoming blues music festival. Each passport has a value of $65 and a price of $40 for three days of great blues music... but they were free to me! The reason? I retweeted a message on Twitter late last week and was chosen as a winner. ...more

Spot reduction - can I get flat abs by doing crunches alone?


My Crisper: Where Good Vegetables Go To Die

Apparently I am running some sort of subsidy program for the Vegetable Farmers of America. Each week I buy crisp, vibrant produce while visions of soup, stir fry and salad dance in my head. Yet three weeks later these once nutrient laden powerhouses lie limp, bruised and rotting in the bottom of my fridge. The promise of nourishing meals having been erased by the realities of busy schedules, bad habits and picky palates....more
I've heard that it's best to put veggies and fruit on the top shelf because they'll last longer ...more