It’s Time To Stop Covering Up Your Pain And Finally Allow Yourself To Heal

Ever since we were children, we learned to cover things up.You bruise a knee; cover it up with a bandage. Your parents find out something unacceptable, make up a lie and cover it up. Your arms are too fat, wear lose fitting clothes and cover them up. Before we know it, covering it up became an answer to everything. It might not solve anything but we cover it up anyway....more

Dad: How do I relate you to my Voters’ ID card?

What do you relate your father to? Perhaps to the indomitable sense of protection which he always surrounds you with? Or, perhaps to a separate galaxy of love--- the father-daughter love? I relate my deceased father to my first voter id card. Yes I do! The day when I received the phone call from the hospital that he was no more, I was desperately trying to plan my rendezvous with him-- when I “meet” him first after this news. “What is the first thing I will tell him when I see him on his bed?” I thought....more

In Her Defense, I Defined My Journey

So, I got dissed a few weeks ago....more
Wowzers. Those folks went HAM really quickly on you AND Katie. While social media can be a ...more

How to get your loved ones closer???

No, no this is not any self-help kind of article. I am not going to say any 5 ways to bring your loved ones closer. How much ever the psychologists say, we can’t generalise any situations, or any group of people. Every situation is different and every lover is different. It’s impractical to say all men are same, or sigh “women!!” when you think you are in some typical kind of situation. Likewise every love story is different, with different start, with different ending and also different types of romantic moments. I can just say that in this big-big world there is nothing ‘typical’....more

Why Was I Born Here?

When I was young it seems I often asked my mother, “Why was I born here, in this house, as your son and not somewhere else?”Apparently in a Tamil movie I saw, a child badgers his mother with this question and I repeated his act.Also I had two brothers who were much older to me. I was frequently bullied by them and always treated as a tiny-tot. I often wished I were an only child....more


As you go about your day today remember the families who are suffering from yesterday's tragedy.Hold your children close and say I love you to your loved ones.Keep in mind, every one of us has a "story" be kind and less judgemental of others. God bless, xo, jo...more

Yesterday was Everything

Hi everyone, my name is Carol-Ann,  this is a story about the Loss of my beautiful l9 year old son Jordan.  It was l0 years ago June 13, 2002 that my life as I knew it, had ended and a new one began for me. I was ready for work going out the door and the phone rang, I remember the ringing so early in the morning and checking the area code, it said 780 which meant Alberta, Canada....more
You make the pain and loss and reactions so vivid...I'm SO sorry for your loss :(more

A new beginning

I suppose that I should start this how I would start anything, an introduction.I’m Nolan’s Mom just in case that hasn’t been established yet. Nolan is my just 3 year old.He was born August of 2009, just a little over 5 months after my Mommy passed away from Cancer.So… Here we go....more

Grandpa's In The Ground Now

81 days.Around the time I posted "Giving Up Grandpa" I let my close friends and family in on an estimate: I figured that within 3 months of moving out of our house that my Dad would be either in the hospital, in a nursing home, or in the ground.It took 84 days to get him in the ground when his care was no longer in my control.  81 days for him to take his last struggling breath and 3 more to bury him.  I've never wanted less to say "I told you so".The past couple w...more

The Answer is Love

In celebrating my friend’s life, I am trying to delve into what I have learned through this experience. How can I be the wiser? How can I be a better friend? How can I be better prepared for my next “goodbye for now”? How can I best grieve THIS “goodbye for now”? How can I honor my friend’s life?In praying for God’s guidance and wisdom to these questions… I have received a resounding answer. These answers are all found in one word… love....more