Sweet Baby James

“I wonder who is playing at Jones Beach this summer?” I uncharacteristically asked my husband a couple of months ago. Now don’t get me wrong. I love going to a concert but my husband is more the music lover in our house.  He has always been the one to initiate getting tickets for every concert we have gone to. I picked up the iPad and started scrolling.  “Oh my GOD!” I exclaimed when I saw it.  “Jams Taylor is playing.” “What?” my husband questioned. “He is playing this summer.  I want to go. We have to go!”...more

Saying Goodbye

A couple weeks ago, the day I had been dreading finally came.  It was time to say goodbye to my beloved Max. ...more
I'm sorry for the loss of Max.  :(more

And we are thankful....

No matter how much time you have with someone you love it is never enough.  You always long for one more day, one more hour, or one more minute.  That is exactly how my husband, Marc, and I felt this summer when we had to make the difficult call to our vet and tell him it was time to help our sweet little Alex rest....more
@HomeRearedChef I can relate...  We used to do similar things with Alex.  Every time I make tuna ...more

I miss you so much Alex

I miss you so much, Alex…. ...more

and words... can hurt so much...

Words…. They are so simple.  They just come out of our mouths, for the most part, with such ease.  Sure, sometimes you put thought into what you say. But for the most part we don’t rehearse our interactions.  Most times we speak without thinking. ...more
@KarenLynnn They sure do....I remember when I had my dog (a bichon) whenever I was sad and cried ...more

Losing a pet -- A grief as real as any other

I have been planning a series on "Grief and Grieving" -- and tonight got a call from very dear friends saying that one of their two dogs had died. The spiritual wound made by loss has come to them. My friends had a brother and a litter mate sister. Their two Bichon Frises were 10 years old, and had been loved and cared for in all the best ways. The little boy dog, Whidbey, died today, after a very brief struggle with what turned out to be pervasive cancer. ...more
I wanted to leave this experience I have just had. I lost my little Stella after 12 years of joy ...more