The pretty things I see while lost

 A little morning jaunt in 20-something degree weather thanks to my terrible directi...more

Five Random Facts

Five Random Facts I was inspired by Tracy of Sellabit Mum to go ol' school blogging and divulge five random things about myself.1. Six years ago I had plastic surgery. It was life-changing and one of those things I have always meant to blog about....more

7 Things Every Blogger Can Learn from LOST

In my non-professional opinion, LOST was the greatest non-cable television series of its time!  Of course you have to remove most of season 6 and the less-than-stellar series finale...but the show was great...and there has not been another one like...more

Hope for Elendil?

Last night my baby cockatiel, Elendil, fly out the door of my townhouse apartment here in Oakhurst, Johnstown.  She was on her playgym in the living room and, before I knew anything, took off and flew right past my ear as I was throwing some garbage away in the outside can. I just moved to Johnstown not quite two weeks ago.  I have not lived in an apartment with an entrance directly to the outside since 1999.  So my skills at dealing with storm doors and regular doors have completely dropped off. ...more

Lost: My Bliss. Reward if found.

I lost my bliss somewhere. Not sure where it went. But it's gone. Have you seen it? Last spotted... Oh, I don't even remember where I last saw it.I'm feeling lost. I'm back at work and everything is great. I've kind of got a handle on what needs to happen to get/keep our finances in check. Kids are great, hubs is great, both sides of the family are great. But I'm not feeling great. I feel like I'm missing something inside me, that passion for... I don't know... something. I feel like I've lost my bliss and I'm not sure how that happened....more

Lost In A Dream

(originally posted @ My Really Real Reality) When I first woke up this morning, a phrase was in my head.  Like a message from a dream.  In those first moments it was clear, and in that hazy half awake stage it had great meaning.  I tried to hold onto it.  But like all dreams, the more awake I became - the more distant it seemed.  Until it was gone.  I can still feel it there.  Just on the fringes of my waking mind.   But I can't s...more
I used to remember most of my dreams.  Then I went through a long phase when I couldn't remember ...more

A Friendship Lost

How do you let a friendship die a slow painless death? It’s hard, especially when you weren’t ready for it.  ...more

Following Fabian

It's starting to become a serious joke in my family. I'm getting famous for getting lost on the Freeways of Southern California. I've sort of hinted at this here. But now that I've come clean about my latest adventure to my family, it's time to share the story on the Blog for my public humiliation....more

Ode to "Lost"

Once upon a time I was part of a huge fandom for a television show. I was a fan since the first episode and got heavily involved in the official fansite for the show. I eventually became a moderator for the site, became friends with producers and writers for the show, started an official fansite of my own for one of the producers, went to fan parties in Los Angeles, and even co-wrote a book about the fandom for that show....more

Lost on Blogher

It all started when I sent my new blog here to my boyfriend.  He pointed out right away that my 'blog' doesn't look like a blog. Yeah, sure, I'm posting daily here for NaBloPoMo, but I don't have a 'page' with a background, and branding and a logo like I do on all my 70+ blogs on Blogger. To make matters worse, I just found my blog roll number has changed. It's now 305, not 319, and I've spent the last five days sending everyone to 319. Not only that but the article I wrote about the dozen blogs I'm following will now have different numbers on those blogs as well....more
Thanks for your help. I went ahead and restarted my blog here: ...more