Hug It Out

Ever heard of the love police?  Check this out:   ...more

It's all about you love the one your with?

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It All Adds Up



“Creativity can be described as letting go of certainties” Gail Sheehy       ...more

At Your Service

These 3 details are essential to the coaching relationship: The client's agenda The client's desire to be coached The coach's full focus on the client and their agenda. Coaching increases personal adaptability and functionality.   ...more

Forget Me Not.

He should be eighteen But will remain forever nine The little boy with the laughing eyes And the mop of curly untameable hair Caught forever in endless days of childhood A chance word A song on the radio It catches me unaware Reopening a wound that has never fully healed My heart screams in pain And I am hurled once more upon the jagged rocks of memory. A phonecall in the night My sister's tears Her mumbled words Her grief rends the world I hold her tight Yet cannot touch her...more

Drinkin' the Calm Koolaid

Rage. Flying off the handle. Losing it. Buggin'.    ...more

Through The Looking Glass



2. We first met when I was a sophomore in high school. I had started tenth grade at a small school, after being home-schooled. I became friends with a girl there named Leann, whom I had actually met before, at church camp. We started riding horses together (all the good things that have happened in my life seem to begin the same way... you'll see what I mean later.) This was January. It was cold....more