Did My Husband Actually Settle for Me?

 The therapist turned to my husband many months ago and asked him a serious point-blank question. Why did you marry her? I was expecting something heartfelt. I was expecting compliments and sweet sentiments. I was expecting “I fell in love and couldn’t live without her.” But he said it was because “I kept dating him….” My head went dizzy. My heart fell into my stomach. He said more…. but it was fuzzy and hard to hear. He said he had a good time with me. And we just kept dating. And then he realized he wanted to marry me or something.… ...more

In Marriage, What Is More Important Justice or Love?

In Marriage, What Is More Important Justice or Love? I remember when I was younger and dreamed of having a wedding and finding my great love. I knew that I wanted a family one day, however my perception of marriage changed after my parents divorced. I was one the kids in my neighborhood who had a two-parent household. Unfortunately, this was a rare occurrence....more

My Greatest Fear As A Mother

Yesterday was a rather marvelous day at my house. My four year old read his first words. My baby stood without holding onto anything. I managed to successfully avoid the laundry. The general vibe was filled with humor and love. We sang songs and danced in the kitchen....more

My Dream Job As a SAHM


Do You Love Me?

Do you love me? I often wonder what the ulterior motive is when this question is asked. Is it a selfish question from a needy and insecure person meant to put a significant other on the spot? Is it a need for affirmation in a world that is often unkind, cold and distant? Should it even be asked? Compassionate people cannot help but love....more

What We Can Learn From The Good Wife?

Last year I wrote about Alicia Florrick of The Good Wife.  I took a look at her character and how she sacrifices for a cheating husband.  She’s a great character study in discussing marriage, divorce, sacrifice and loyalty (heavy stuff).  If you missed it you can read it here.  So, after watching last week’s episode with a killer twist, I was moved to write once again, about Alicia Florrick and why we don’t want to be her....more

You're Ruining Your Relationship

Some of us are making the mistake of ruining our relationship, subconsciously. Some of the things we do and say can border on self-sabotage and it just might be chipping away at the foundation of our own relationship. Here are some ways you just might be ruining your relationship and not even know it:...more

Our 2nd Wedding Anniversary

Yesterday was our second wedding anniversary! In some ways it feels like we said "I do" five minutes ago, but in other ways it feels like we've been married foreeevvvveeerrrrrrrrrr. ...more

The Most Beautiful Place on Earth

There is a point on your body that you only discover when you become a parent.   It’s a place of baby hedgehog snuffles and big sleepy sighs. It’s where you sniff baby hair and kiss away tears. It’s how you whisper secrets about what the future holds and hum songs to heavy eyes....more