Why You Should or Shouldn't Date Out of Your Wheelhouse.

So…you’re messaging now and contemplating your first meet and greets. You’re apprehensive yet excited. You’ve got choices! Or do you? And is it quantity or quality, commonalities or differences that you should be going for?...more

Have Your Kids Walked Away From God

How many kids are leaving home after high school and walking away from their "faith?"...more

In Sickness, Health, And The Moments I Want To Punch You In The Junk: Honest Wedding Vows

 Paul and I went with traditional wedding vows. Whatever was included in the $60 package at the Little White Wedding Chapel in Vegas worked fine for us. I think it's impressive when people have sweet, sentimental, personally written vows. Either way I call bullshit though....more

Going Through The Motions

Heartache is a horrible thing. The true pain life brings is scary and unpredictable. I thought I knew this world was ugly when I was in college but little did I know how ugly it could really be. The vast waters of sin are beyond my comprehension. Although my eyes have seen but a taste, I can't fathom the root of where this evil really lays and nor do I want to....more

My Daughter's First Crush

I've been blind-sided by a life first I thought was many years in the future: My daughter, at the tender age of 2 years and 9 months, is in the throes of her very first crush.My son had a school friend over to play and no sooner had he come through the door when my little girl had attached herself to his side.For the entire afternoon, her voice could be heard in a constant stream of informative updates on what she was doing, and questions to him about what he was doing. At one point, she declared her love for him....more

No Longer A Boy, Now You Are A Man!

I find it so hard to comprehend that today you are no longer a boy, now you are a man! Was it really twenty one years ago today,That my life was changed in such a dramatic way!When I first looked into your sweet, little, face,I knew that you were a true gift of His Grace!As you grew, so did the bond that we share, ...more

How to Make First Impressions Count

You only have a few seconds to create a first impression when meeting a prospective partner so don’t waste it.In the online dating world where we can all scroll through hundreds of potential partners we make that initial judgement in even less time.The first hurdle is your online dating photo. While you have no control over the likes and dislikes of the person viewing you, how you present yourself can increase your chances....more

Big Sigh! 31st July is National Orgasm Day!

According to the World Health Organisation, more than 100 million acts of sexual intercourse take place every day. That's a huge amount of pleasure and activity! Given this figure doesn't include masturbation or hand jobs and oral sex which don't involve intercourse, the true figure might be more than double and then some... If only we could harness all that energy!But how many of those acts will end with the Big O?...more

Why Chivalry is Important in a Modern Relationship

The very word “chivalry” evokes thoughts of Medieval knights and movies of that age in which the behaviour of men towards women was marked by great respect and affectation. Unfortunately, such behaviour seems as ancient as that distant time, yet chivalry is still one of the strongest aspects in how men and women demonstrate their respect towards the other....more

Every now and then, bite off more than you can chew.

This past weekend was bittersweet. I got to celebrate my soon-to-be sister-in-law at her bridal shower, celebrated my cousin's college graduation, celebrated another cousin's engagement & also had to deal with a sudden loss with a family friend. Actually, I would say that the loss was not just a “family friend” but more like a second family....more