The wish. (Part One)

B adored my daughter.They were super cousins.Although B was fourteen months older;My daughter’s health gave her the lead. B’s hair, like her Mom’s, just didn’t grow.My daughter’s hair was long.  ...more

The sneak.

Her daughter was a sneak.Not a very good one, but, a sneak all the same.It was my son’s birthday. There were helium balloons.   She took a liking to one in particular.  She ‘hid’ it in the highchair....more

The skipper.

Aunt Polly?Yes, B.What are you doing at 10 o’clock?(I was already smiling.  I knew what she wanted.)I am not sure yet, why B?I am too sick to go to school.Are you?...more


Homosexuality is often commented topis, and opinions of people are different ... In my neighbrood I know people with different opinions about homosexuality - people who tolerate and support them, and also some homophobic individuals, who think that gays are disgusting and vile. ... Continue reading  ↓...more

5 Tips On How To Be Your Own Bestfriend

Girlfriends for life! ...more

Sex Toy Review – The Sqweel Go!

 It looks like a bunch of cat tongues but smoother....more

The prayer.

No one was anymore excited about my pregnancy. She wanted a billboard hired while I was still blushing and secretive. I was scared from the get go. She knew I was worried.She knew I understood the genetics. Still, she made it all very exciting and positive. For me.Not once did I see a shadow of doubt cross her face.  My internal, silent conflict;have a baby as sick as hers or have a healthy baby who lives, while hers dies. It was overwhelming initially. ...more

The reality.

I stayed with them as often as I could. She was exhausted. Every four hours;She administered life sustaining medicine to her babe. The same drug that was keeping her babe alive was beating her down.  Every day completed was a success within itself. Every morning her babe awoke was another miracle.The doctor’s appointments were endless. Three hours drive round trip.Waiting rooms became living rooms.Cafeterias became kitchens.Strangers became friends. ...more

How To Quickly Tell Your New Boo Isn’t The One For You by Jaha Knight

 In your quest for a new boo, you may or may not have overlooked the signs.  He had other redeeming qualities that made you think, this may be able to work.  Or you saw them right away and couldn’t wait to run.  Either way this is how to quickly tell that the new boo is not the one for you....more

The excitement.

Captured in a photo; bright, red cheeks so characteristic of her emotions and a comical stance.It was her response to having her pregnancy confirmed!Hormones look good on her and she glowed for nine months. Pregnancy was her thing! She was so proud.  An achievement over me, she was to be a mom first. I couldn’t take this from her.  She owned it. She had wanted a child her entire adulthood. I was determined to live vicariously through her. ...more