A Mom's Love For R2D2

 I fell in love with R2D2 in 1977 whe...more
R2D2 is awesome. :)more

The team.

She lived vicariously through my post secondary education.  She helped me move into my first apartment.In my absence, she enjoyed short sheeting my bed, putting lampshades on upside down and removing labels.  We always made everything fun for each other.     My first day there alone, I felt her love with each silly thing I discovered. Her regular letters helped stifle any homesickness.  ...more

The beginning.

I could always count on her – even when I was very young.I was incredibly shy. I remember the burning tears at the back of my eyes when strangers attempted to engage me.  It was terrifying.  I would hide behind her.  She would hold my hand.  She would speak for me.  I would feel so relieved when she would explain I was shy and the stranger would accept that and walk away. ...more

*Love or mistake*

Tell us about falling in love, what does it feel like? This is the subject for the NaBloPoMo 'Fall' theme. When I look back, way back at my marriage to my husband back in 1968, whom of which I met in 1966, I must say, I 'felt' like I was in love.  ...more

Wow! I won #1 Best Adult Dating Blog!!!

What an extraordinary honor of being placed as the #1 Best Adult Dating Blog Award from Great Dating Blog! I want to thank all of you who voted for me! I really appreciate it! I am so glad that people find my blog useful, practical, and worthy of being #1 out of so many excellent bloggers!...more

Domestic Violence Awareness: My Story

This is extremely difficult to write, but I think my experience may help others. This post is dedicated to my former self and to those that can relate to what I am writing. I hope this brings you strength and understanding.I am an interpersonal violence/domestic violence survivor. Let me explain what goes on in the mind of a someone who is the victim of someone using physical force to stop another from doing/saying something....more
Thank you so much Karen! I really appreciate your support! Have a great day!more

I Did Not Marry My Best Friend

    15 years ago today I did not marry my best friend.  You read that right. Read more:             http://suckathomemom.blogspot.com/2013/09/i-did-not-marry-my-best-friend.html?m=1...more

Top 10 Reasons Why I Would Choose to Be a Lipstick Lesbian (although it’s not a choice)!

Have you seen the recent Durex advert?  It talks about how wonderful sex is and about meaningful relationships.  It made me think about how lucky I am that I don’t need to worry about condoms in order to have sex.  The advert also inspired me to reflect on all the positives to being a lesbian. I have always been delighted that I am a lesbian, but I have never articulated exactly why it is so great.  To be honest it is hard to put into words how wonderful it is.  Nonetheless I have tried to narrow it down to a top 10 list: ...more
don't think you know what a lipstick lesbian is - all the things you list are benefits of just ...more

Friday Find ~ Find the Time

Friday Find ~ Find the Time  There IS time, you can...more

Making Better Choices

We have all made some bad choices in our lives and hopefully learned from them. Sometimes we continue to make the same bad choices. At what point do you stop the madness? For me that journey started three years ago....more