Open Relationships MUST Have Rules

My open relationship most definitely has rules.These are rules that we came up with together. Most of them were suggested by him with the nitty gritty details expanded on by me. They are rules that promote openness and complete transparent honesty. So far, the rules have been followed by both of us and they have led to good experiences. I have listed them below....more

5 Ways To Beat The Break Up Blues

Geoffrey Chaucer once wrote that all good things must come to an end, and when it comes to romantic relationships this saying couldn’t be more true. ...more

Who Decides on an Open Relationship?

I guess it would be important to start from the beginning. ...more

My Open Relationship

Before I began my open relationship, I wanted to do some research. I found nothing. Absolutely nothing written on the personal joys and destruction that can come with something as tumultuous as an open relationship. So much has been written from the perspective of the man (thanks a lot patriarchy), but so often, women are left out of the 2-way conversation that is to be had between couples....more


Like most of us, I imagine, thoughts prompted by the terrible events of Friday evening are never far from the surface for me. Everywhere you look, you see the single word 'Solidarité' to express our support for the people of Paris and especially those most directly affected by the atrocity. I even saw it as the header on Amazon just now. But I am just one insignificant person in the great scheme of things, and although my solidarity with everyone is genuine and heartfelt I am not sure how much it can possibly mean to them at a time like this....more
Thank you Ciecie, I appreciate your kind words xmore

Recapturing Madame Bovary

As a new filmic version of Gustave Flaubert Madame Bovary is about to be released, you can spy certain parallelisms and juxtapositions in the streets of Paris, which seem to ascertain the contemporaneity of the story...Read more at

All Butter Pie Crust Recipe: Pie is Love

Even though the name of my blog is Drunk on Love in the Kitchen, it is not a true food blog. I don’t post recipes with gorgeous photographs. My writing centers around family, love, food, and pie. Pie definitely is a big part of my writing and my Facebook posts. Some of my readers have requested my crust recipe, so I decided to attempt a walk-through of the steps. It’s a food blog post without the glossy professional pics. I just snapped photos as I went through the motions.  Full disclosure: I often bake first thing in the morning....more

How Do I Tell My Mom I Changed My Religion?

I became Muslim in the fall of 1998. Though I had been interested in Islam for many years, it was not until I moved to Arizona, from Arkansas, that I converted. But I had not told my mom that I had converted to Islam.I was very blessed to have mentors who truly understood the essence of Islam in addition to the teachings. I was never told I had to wear the scarf.  I was taught to study Islam first - to understand the teachings and essence of Islam – the reasons for everything, including the scarf. ...more

Ten things I know for sure

The older I get, the less I seem to know. But after 35 years of bumps and bruises, laughter and love, there are ten things that I know for sure. ...more