how to be thankful for your broken heart

I fell in love for about the trillionth time last year....more


Ego is the barrier between you moving forward in your life or staying stagnant. Ego ends relationships. Ego ends friendships. Ego stands in the way of you advancing at your job. Ego starts wars. Ego is destructive.When a person is unwilling to look within themselves to determine whether their ego is getting in the way in their decisions, they lose opportunities for advancement in life.Ego is the unwillingness to be completely open with yourself about who you really are.  Ego is just simply being prideful. Ego distracts us from fulfilling our true purpose....more


I going to be honest.  I have been in a relationship for awhile know.  I love him very dearly. He is my rock. Without him I don't know what I do.  I for one have sexual appetite. Very big one in fact I could go on and on having sex forever if I could.  Usually men are the one that wants it constantly. So I really confused on why my boyfriend barely touches me.  I know men are not our toys ,but god when can I  just make him lose control. I really want to be dominated by him. Stop all the vanilla shit. Give me pure animalistic....more


Cooking My Way through My Husband's Midlife Crisis      We all want to be loved. To be seen for whom we truly are without all the fluff. Vulnerability is difficult at best for the majority of us. That is why when we are vulnerable it’s a big deal. Having it crushed is an even bigger deal....more

What is Love? According to Author Pouline Middleton, It's Having Three Men Instead of One

 Danish relationship expert, love coach and author Pouline Middleton is bringing the ultimate dating experiment to America, when her best selling book of One Woman Three Men, is released for the first time in America this spring....more


ONE DAY...One day, it felt as though you walked in to my heart before I I could say no.Later, it became evident how you had simply walked back in to the place that always was yours.And reclaimed time elapsed in hours, days, weeks and years.Separation across timeis also an illusion.Home is always where The Heart IS ITSELF. ...more

29 Reasons Why I love You

Sweet idea.  I'm just now reading this, so I think I'll alter mine for "Valentine Week" and do ...more

Why I'm Not a Fan of Affirmations

“…before a wound can heal, it must be seen.” Julia Cameron, The Artist’s Way It’s not that I think affirmations are a bad thing; I don’t.The mind can be incredibly powerful....more

Running From Bad to Worse

Ok so a bit of background is needed…A few months a go I decided to run away from real life problems, a stressful job and a slight cocaine habit. I left my friends, family and my outstandingly patient ex boyfriend in England and took the painfully long flight to New Zealand.My plan was to arrive here, hike all day, become one with nature and fall in love with myself.That hasn’t happened....more

Expect More and You Will Get More

Ladies, you are smart, independent, beautiful, modern thinkers. Get what you want first and then consider bringing a man into your life (or woman if this is your choice). If women expect more out of men, by respecting themselves more, men will be forced to go back to behaving like gentlemen. Wouldn’t you like to see them pull up their pants, take that hood/cap off their head, brush their hair, shave their face, brush their teeth and over all, be responsible? After all, romantic movies continue to be all the rage and the men in these films are not dressed like the aforementioned....more