Want to make your kids successful? Improve their noncognitive skills

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All I Ever Needed to Know About Parenting I Learned from Carol & Mike Brady

I just got schooled. I guess I had to be here, in this place. This place of banging my head against the wall trying to parent a wacko/pyro 7- almost 8-year-old. I will start with this admission: I am a total hypocrite. I used to preach no TV until the Roosters Came Home and the Cows Went to Bed. Honestly, I'll still preach that to you if your kid is 2 or 3. So if you want to hash it out, just tell me your 2-year-old sits in front of a TV, ever. ...more
Children (young adults)  need to make their own decisions, however, they need parental guidance ...more

When It's Okay To Take Your Kid's Forgotten Homework to School

            For many years, I’ve been on board with the Love & Logic notion that “parents need to allow kids to make mistakes so that they learn from the consequences, so that they’re better prepared for adultho...more

Helicopter parents hover too close at their own peril

The term “helicopter parent” hovers over all of us, a dark cloud reminding of what we don’t want to become. ...more

Ruth McKinnie Braun