Courage To Love

 For 6 years, I co-managed a GLBTQ Bookstore. A straight friend had stumbled into it, told me about it and suggested I check it out. I was fresh out of an 18 month course in massage and reflexology and looking for work while I built my practice. When I went to the address, it was closed. But I tacked my resume to the door in an envelope with a note that said " If you are ever hiring, I am exactly who you are looking for!" It was cheeky but I figured I had nothing to lose, and might at least get a laugh....more
MelanieParish You are most welcome Melanie. I miss it too. Suzmore

Secrets of a Woman of a Certain Age

Writer Audrey Edwards had sex with an old flame.  She wrote about it in ESSENCE magazine. So what, right? Well, it's deemed newsworthy because Edwards is over fifty.  Per some folks (I'm not one of them), it's no small feat for a woman over fifty to get laid. Audrey Chapman, a therapist who once hosted a relationship show on WHUR,  interviewed Edwards. I'd read Edwards' article and am in my fifties, so I couldn't wait to hear their discussion....more
Me too, I'm so happy to be living doing these times. It's really about choosing what we think ...more

Valentine Series: 365 Days a Year!

Welcome To My Sexless World

I love sex, but I am not having it, and you can be sure that it is difficult. I'll be frank: It SUCKS. Yet, my decision has not changed, and I am seven months into my sexless lifestyle. Unfortunately, this doesn't exactly make my dating life easy. In fact, it's nearly nonexistent. I'm a senior in college and I could probably count on one hand how many guys here would actually be involved in ANYTHING close to a relationship with a girl with whom they won't be having sex. What makes it even worse is that college is looking more and more like Noah's Ark, except I'm completely mateless. ...more
Great post. I am also celibate. I have gone almost 4 years without sex. Definitely hard at ...more

The Crimson Chronicles: Episode 01 Right from the Start 150313

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E sexy

E-Sexy Autumn. A time for hot mugs of coffee, pumpkin anything, lattes, whipped cream and for that matter, anything whipped.. So goes my observations of women and men, sitting with laptops, headsets, checking, forever checking their phones for that magical call, the superlative text message, rising above all other text messages. The one that brings smiles to the lips and eyes that glisten when they read the messages typed furiously while entering taxis, between trains stops and at traffic lights. A text is mastery of both dexterity, spontaneous thought and irreverent ideology....more

BlogHer Newbie

I'm feeling my way around here this morning with a rather fuzzy head and a bedroom scattered with toys.  lol...more

Single and Star Struck

The night sky was crystal clear. My friend and I were on the rooftop bar of a local hotel enjoying a gathering of single people. On the ride up in the elevator I noticed that the pretty, blond, 20 something woman next to me was my daughter’s high school English teacher. I had forgotten that even intelligent, pretty, and young schoolteachers had a hard time finding love in a small town. This was my second time going out to one of these singles events and I already felt more comfortable. Seeing my daughter’s teacher made it all seem less intimidating somehow. ...more

Sex and the Saxophonist

I almost had sex one night with a young, sexy saxophone player. It all began with a little IM sex. OK to be honest, it was more like IM foreplay. Either way, the IMing almost led to real-live sex, with a real-live sexy sax player. It would have been smoking hot too, if only he had a car instead of a bike; and by bike, I don’t mean a bad ass Harley or a racy Ducati, I mean a bi-cy-cle. As in a bike -- that you pedal -- like when your 15 year old boyfriend wants to bike over so you can make-out on your parents couch, that kind of bike. ...more

Imagination sometimes trumps reality!more

ARE YOU IN LOVE WITH A PLAYER? A Psychologist's Guide to Bad Boys

When you first met him, you thought he was a dream come true, your "one and only." He was charming, caring and so sensitive, he'd watch an entire Lifetime movie with you without once grabbing the remote. But by the third or fourth date, everything stared to change. First the changes were subtle, and then more dramatic. Mr. Right became a predator, a player, a manipulator. Why didn’t you see it coming? Maybe your girlfriends saw it before you did. Were you blinded by his sex appeal? Here are a few warning signs, some red flags you should never overlook. ...more