10 Dates For Married People--'Cuz Sometimes, We're Boring

Lemme guess. You and your beloved are side by side....more

5 Reasons I Love To Dress Up For My Husband

Not every day, but fairly frequently, I throw on a flirty dress just to wear around the house. When I do, I style my hair, and dab on a bit of makeup, just for an audience of one. My husband. It’s been my habit for some time to do some special preening from time to time, just for him. ...more

Getting Old Together


6 Ways To Absolutely Stop Blaming

I was doing breakfast dishes, and as the plates cleared out of the sink I saw that the plug was not in the drain to catch the goobers, and they were down in the drain, waiting for me to fish them out.  Grossed out, annoyance flashed through my mind and I found myself mentally blaming my husband for this transgression.  The problem with this scenario is that my husband has been out-of-town for 2 days.  It was I who had transgressed, there's no denying it, but my knee jerk reaction was anger at my spouse.  When I reflected on the ripple effect this must have on our marriag...more

Ten Years Down, A Lifetime To Go

I pulled down our wedding albums last night, looking for a group shot of my high school friends.  I was not able to find one, but I did enjoy looking through the photos from nearly 10 years ago, trying to pick out my favorites.The one in which a group of us are doing a lemon drop at the bowling alley before our reception and the one where our priest is singing with the mariachi band at our reception are definitely in the top five....more

Bachelorette Debauchery: How I Knew My Fiancée Was the One

“Pull over,” I mumbled, my cheek pressed against the cool glass of the passenger side window. “Pull over!” I insisted, louder this time, cupping my palm underneath a mouth that threatened to spew every free tequila shot I’d poured down my throat in the last six hours. The car came to a screeching halt and I stumbled out, retching violently. My fiancée stood by my side in the puddle of illumination from the headlights and rubbed my back. “It’s okay,” he crooned. “It’s okay.” But it wasn’t. It so wasn’t....more

5 Things I've Learned in The First Five Years of Marriage

5 Things I've Learned in The First Five Years of Marriage...more

Thirteen Years Of My life With You

 ThirteenThirteen years ago today, at Winston Place, in Valley Head, Alabama, we got married....more

It's the Little Things