Long Distance Marriages

Many nights,  I wake up to reach for my husband and instead there is only his pillow beside me. For many women, they would love the break from the snoring or the enjoyment of having the entire bed to themselves. Instead, I dread when my best friend is gone for work....more
Even though I don't have little ones dependent on me, I can relate to a lot of your feelings. ...more

Movie Commentary: 45 Years

A Highlight of the British Dramatic Film - 45 YearsBy Tinsel & Tine Editor, Le Anne Lindsay ...more

How to Have a Lasting, Thriving Marriage

I just read a powerful article in The Atlantic magazine, "Masters of Love," on the topic of the keys to a strong, lasting marriage. A must read for anyone interested in seeking to understand what makes a marriage work and what kills it....more

V-Day Musings

     I can't remember the last time my husband and I celebrated Valentines Day-- well, not in the traditional sense, anyway.  We've always been more or less content to stay home, snuggled together under a sea of blankets, while pigging out and watching kung fu flicks, instead of braving the crowds that day.  Besides, when you have four kids, babysitters are hard to come by.  So while restaurants and hotels will soon be abuzz with people professing their love for one another, I've decided to use my platform to tell the world-- or, at least the few of you wh...more

Things We Fight About in My Marriage

When I mentioned the idea for this post to Dave he gave me the side eye....more

10 Reasons I'm Glad I'm Married (Even When I Don't Like My Husband)

I got married 6 days after my 20th birthday. I used to have a very skewed vision of marriage; that a "good marriage" looks like magazine-image perfection. If a marriage looks like anything other than perfect smiles and happy days, that there's something wrong with it....more
Thanks for reminding me the benefits of marriage, in todays busy life its all to easy to forget, ...more

I Am Not my Husband's Holy Spirit

Double Life

I realize I will never know the whole truth about my husband’s double life or even of the truthfulness of my marriage. In my mind’s eye the life I lived with him was a complete lie. He wore a mask the entire time, playing a part until he could no longer hide from himself. What I don’t understand is why....more

Should Sex Scare Us?

There is life even after coming out of a marriage destroyed by sex addiction ~ Ruby ValadeMy friend wrote this in a post recently. She holds my heart. We were girls together. We grew together over the years; our branches intertwined at so many points that now it is just natural to hear her voice and listen to her heart.This line in her post struck me. My marriage was destroyed by sexual addiction....more

My Part-time Marriage

You know what I hate more than my tugboat man’s delays that prevent him from coming home?...more