My Dear Husband:  When did you realize I am not the woman you married any longer? I haven’t been “her” for quite some time actually. To be honest, it’s been many years since I was “her”.Was it a flashing sign one day that said, “She’s no longer the same, run fast, get out while you can” or a gradual change over the years?There are so many things I want to tell you and ask you just as many questions. I didn’t mean for this to happen, I didn’t mean to change, and I wonder so often if you wished I was still the girl I used to be....more

5 Love Languages For Couples in Action

If you haven’t heard of the 5 Love Languages by now you’ve got a little catching up to do. I was first introduced to them during pre-marital counseling with my first husband. Yes, we did pre-marital counseling that was awesome and STILL got divorced. During the counseling sessions, we took a little test that showed what our love language is and what our partners’ were and how they related. From there we also learned how to make our significant others feel loved based on this language. But let me back up some…...more


I go to a singles bible study every now and then and an acquaintance, let’s call him Franco, started attending as a result of me telling him how much I enjoy the studies.  One day Franco informed me that he didn’t really need singles bible study because he already knew who he was going to marry and after a couple of minutes of going back and forth he revealed that his wife to be was me...more
Thank you for this! After reading this, I know my worth. Right now, I am in a questionable ...more

I'm happy to be whith my family - why should I not?

From time to time I have a day off, to get things done. Sometimes it's just laundry and house-stuff, and sometimes it's shopping family-stuff. Work that needs to be done to keep a family going. Both the nearest family and those who is not that close....more

Are You Listening?

How many times in life do we jump to conclusions before hearing the complete details?I am guilty of doing this so many times. One of the biggest peeves my husband has with me is that I don't give him room to fully explain his thoughts before I jump in and interrupt him with my response. Most of the time my response is not appreciated and cut off with a "let me finish!"While I pray for patience and strength to change this pattern, I've been contemplating returning to my blog and writing about life lessons I am learning....more

The Thing About It Is…..

I commented on a thought-provoking post written by Brittnei on her blog Homemaking with Style, that inspired this post here.  After posting my comment…....more