How to make a woman happy (Guys Take Note!)

As I walked through a local book-store the other day, I found several books for women on men, but I have to say the lack of books for men on women was disturbing to say the least. We all need a little advice in the relationship areas. Right fellas? With all the horomones raging, the expectations, and gender roles placed on us by society, it can be quite challenging to determine how to keep your girl happy. No lady is really the same and when you enter a relationship, a person is always changing and growing....more

This Just May Save Your Relationship

When I was a teenager, whenever I had an upset I'd run to the phone and call my big sister. This practice became so habitual that one of my younger sisters started to joke, when she saw me reach for the phone, "What you doin', calling Dr. Vern?" Yup, that's precisely what I was doing. There was no shame in my game. I needed to talk to someone sane, that sane person was my sister! ...more

So You Want to Love a Writer

I stopped writing for a moment to get a drink, which lead to me seeing that the trash was overflowing so I took out the trash and discovered that it is very sunny and 65 degrees outside. So, I sat down to soak up some vitamin D and feel the warmth!...more

Why a Spreadsheet Could (But Probably Won't) Lead to More Sex In Your Relationship

First of all, a husband actually tried this, and might have saved his marriage and avoided internet infamy by realizing that the best route to more and better sex is almost always communication. ...more

Marriage Takes Two... Your Spouse and You

It saddens me when I read articles on how Marriage is about making your partner happy even at the cost of your own happiness. That it's admirable and virtuous to be a willing sacrifice on the Altar of Love. Even in our modern age, many people still think this way. Maybe that's why more people are getting a divorce! The roles of couples are not as defined as they used to be and men and women share the marital responsibilities. Why does anyone have to make a sacrifice? If you believe that sacrifice is required to make a marriage work, I say you're mistaken... ...more

5 Ways to Choose a Man Wisely, Rule #1

5 Ways to Choose a Man Wisely- Rule #1Do you ever wonder why some girls have all the luck? Why they end up with Mr. Right and you seem doomed to land Mr. Wrong?  What do they know that you don't?  Well, they might just be lucky or maybe they have learned a thing or two along the way....more

Why PASSION can be a Mis-Direct

How many times have you heard ‘Follow Your Passion’? And, how many times have you thought, even felt, like somehow, you’re ‘Passion’ must be hiding behind that big stack of unpaid bills?  How many times have you been advised to ‘Find what you’re passionate about and do THAT’? ...more

Date Night: Necessary or Nonsense

Ah, the date night. Parenting and relationship books proclaim date night the holy grail of relationship health. But when money is tight, date night is a luxury not everyone enjoys. What does that mean for those of us who’ve had to pinch pennies for too many years.Are our relationships less-than for not having shared expensive dinners we can’t afford anyway?Even though times aren’t as tight anymore, and we’ve enjoyed our fair share of nights out and about, I still don’t long for date nights....more

5 Ways to Make the One You Love Smile Today

Sometimes we get so busy and tired and distracted that we don't do the little things we should to make the one we love smile. It’s easy to let life wear us down. Well, today's the day, people. Let's do a bunch of little somethings for each other before the sun goes down … or comes up.Need a few ideas?Profess your love on the bathroom mirror with a dry erase marker. No markers? No worries. Use lipstick or eyeliner. Instant smile for your love....more

How I Knew He was the One: 10 Signs That Led Me Down the Aisle

 How did you know he/she was the one?I love asking this question to couples I meet. Every love story has its own unique charm and mystery. When I first met my husband, he was different from the start, and I knew I'd finally found someone worth paying attention to, someone who stood out like a splash of color in my gray world. Here are ten signs I knew I’d found my match:...more