Would You Give Your Spouse a Hall Pass?

So I had the house to myself tonight, and although I could have done many things, I found myself over on the Huffington Post reading about the failed ALS Ice Bucket Challenges and Sarah Jessica Parker's participation in her friend's weekend wedding, when this story of a cheating suburban mom caught my eye. ...more
No way!! I could never!more

On sex and raising children for some Filipino-American women

                                                         Source: WN.comWHAT do you expect when you see girls and women meet and engage in deep conversation? What do you think are they talking about especially if you know they’re married?...more

Rewriting Your Love Story

I didn't grow up dreaming of my wedding day, so there were no preconceived ideas of what my love story would look like. Marriage was something that most people chose to embark on at a time in their lives when they wanted to build equity, and by that I mean have babies. People got married once they had achieved great jobs, expensive furniture, and ran out of things to do on a Friday night. That all turned out not to be true. I wasn't going to be one of those ladies who marries an executive in her early 30's with a destination wedding, and the merging of padded bank accounts....more
What a beautifully authentic and realistic story of love.more

Real Wedding and Advice from a Newlywed

Today, my semi-newlywed cousin, Terra, is here to share some tips and advice with us engaged girls!Seriously, how pretty is she?! ...more


 SOFTEN UP.....Some people seem so serious all the time that I simply want to say "SOFTEN UP...." Sometimes allowing our softer side to shine in life can be exactly what we need to do.... DO YOU LIKE ME?I am not sure why everyone is worried about being LIKED….I love being liked but I simply don’t worry about it….If people are smart they will like me….and if they don’t I figure they aren’t very bright……So for those reasons I don’t worry about being liked....more

Am I Promoting "Rape Culture" With My Relationship Advice?

Last week I wrote a post that was shared so many times on Facebook and seen by lots and lots of people... it's quickly made it to the top 3 most viewed posts on my site and I am happy that people found it useful at all. It always makes me nervous to post about marriage, or about advice we have used that worked... anytime it gets down to the personal, there is always a possibility of offending someone who just might do it different than we do....more
TerriLynnMerritts Dr E Thanks Terri for your feedback.  I think some of the conversation is ...more