Unsent love letter

Before Hubby and I were a couple, we wrote a years’ worth of letters back and forth between Denver and Europe. When I packed to return home, I left his letters behind. Weight limits on luggage.I would give anything to have those letters back.  ...more

3 Ways to Use Your Blog for Good on Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is tomorrow and across the blogosphere, people are pulling out their DIY valentines tutorials or lists of foods that are aphrodisiacs. Either that or they're writing screeds against this most Hallmark of holidays. But have you considered turning your next blog post into a valentine? Akin to the ones we used to make as kids and slip into the brown paper bags we had hanging off our desks. (What? Your school didn't do that?) I'm not talking about downloading a template of Jem and the Holograms and writing, "be my valentine because you are truly outrageous!" (Though, on second thought...) Don't you remember how good you felt when you opened up all the valentines from your friends during the class party. Well, you can recreate that feeling with your blog. I'm talking about using your blog for good. ...more
Great ideas, Melissa. Love the idea of spreading a caring Heart today.more

Write Yourself a Love Letter

I absolutely love SoulPancake. They create beautiful videos centered around starting deeper discussions about life and they are determined to put love and positivity out in the world. This particular video became a favorite of mine and since it has stuck with me, I thought I'd share it with you. I love the challenge it presented and the results it received. I think we should all write ourselves a love letter. ...more

The 4th Grade Love Letter

 Ryan came to me...."Mom, I need some help."  He was super serious.  Focused. Me -- "Sure...what's up?" Ryan -- "I've written a love letter to 'you-know-who'.= and I need your advice."I keep my cool, I smile and say, "Why, certainly.....let me have a look."...more

All That Glitters: A Love Note To L

We have the power to celebrate and love ourselves. We have the power to show love to all that glitters within us, and that's what I'm doing today.I'm currently on a journey to fall madly in love with myself. The idea to write myself a love letter was perfect, and I knew it would help me on my journey. Turning inward to see what I love about who I am was eye-opening and touching. I totally recommend writing a love letter to yourself!...more

To 12-Year-Old Me, With Love

Awkward image to go with the awkward age.http://www.stockfreeimages.com/...more

A Love Letter to Teachers

In our lifetimes, we have dozens of them.  Some are better than others, and the great ones often go unrecognized for the impact they have on our lives.  When I look back from where I am now, I cannot dismiss the contributions of two amazing teachers that fate was kind enough to place on my path.  These people truly embodied the highest principles of their profession.  They didn’t simply push facts into my brain or prepare me for tests.  They inspired me, supported me, and laid the seeds of success that I still rely upon today. ...more

My Secret Valentine

My Secret Valentine Today, just before Valentine’s Day, I found an old love lette...more