Why I Keep Mementos from Past Relationships

Some people admit to secretly going through their spouse's emails, texts, and even mementos from past relationships.Have I ever felt the need to do that?  Nope, not once in 9 1/2 years.My husband and I have always been respectful of each other's pasts and the tangible items that go with those memories.For example, I have all my love letters since the 2nd grade when a boy named Daryl asked, “Do you like me?"  I never returned his letter.  I didn’t know how the dating game worked when I was eight....more

17 Things for My Little Man to Know

I am a Mom. First and foremost. Every thought of my day is in some way tied to my son. He and I have been a team since the moment he was born and as I wander through my day I find myself thinking "I need to mention that to Treyson." Inevitably dinner, bath time, and everyday life gets in the way so today I compile the list... ...more


 Hand WrittenLast weekend, G and I went with my mom to see some family.  And while we were there, we ended up looking through some things that had belonged to my grandparents.Among some jewelry and a few watches, was a little note.  I posted it on Facebook so if you follow me there, sorry, you’re seeing this again....more


Brenda Coffee@1010ParkPlacehttp://www.1010parkplace.com...more

Dear Miss Minnie

     This is the image I created for my "Dear Miss Minnie" postings.  As the new studio will also be for writing endeavors, I hope to be able to post more pictures of cards, invoices, catalog items and much more from my treasure trove of Miss Minnie's life. I hope to get back to transcribing the letters very soon so stayed tuned!  ...more

When Bloggers Write Love Letters

We have these places, these blogs, where we write. I think often of what I'm leaving behind for my daughter to read, but also, my husband. ...more

I love that you wrote about writing love letters, it is exactly what I did for the first time ...more

Return to Romance: Inconvenience Yourself!

I don't want to mind the constraints of space and build a relationship however it may fit into my life. I want to take a wrecking ball to my existing world and rebuild an existence where our relationship has a proper, sprawling space. I want a Taj Majal in the middle of an otherwise crowded urban landscape. ...more
I think this is definitely something every couple should keep in mind. Plus women need to ...more

A beautiful love note from my seven year old baby girl

Now I’m not normally a sentimental kind of mummy, I try to sneak the majority of drawings and painting into the recycling as soon as I can get away with it, but I just had to share this lovely note I got from Belle last night.   She’d had a bit of a teary bedtime, apparently upset over the fact that I do so much for her and she is unable to pay me....more

Love Letters

  Do you keep little notes and cards that people have given you? I have notes from my husband and children and friends that I keep in a special place. I have messages on my phone that I don’t erase. While I may not consciously think about the scripture “The power of life and death are in the tongue”, my actions almost always tell me that it is true. ...more