The Sexual Positions You Should be Doing

  Good old missionary. It's the first sexual position you ever try  and the one that you will do for the rest of your life. Sounds pretty boring if you ask me. Sex isn't just a one position activity in my opinion. Your bed and body can become an erotic jungle gym if you are open minded and ready to spice things up a little. I think of missionary like steak....more

Knee Shaking Orgasms...What a Girl Wants!!!

Now I’ve done my share of bed sheet gymnastics.  I’ve engaged in role play, usually playing the part of a damsel in distress rescued by a horny Cop, naughty Fireman and even a studley Plumber.  I’ve been blindfolded and spanked and covered with various jams and jellies.  I’ve been tied up and held down and I’ve even been the object of multiple simultaneous lovers, each bringing their ‘A’ game, or so they claimed. ...more

Is it REALLY cheating?

Don’t shoot the messenger…I’m simply asking a question. A blog about cheating… Okay, so lately we’ve been hearing a lot about cheating male celebrities and the horrific outcomes. Mark Sanford faced impeachment. Tiger Woods is losing endorsements. John Edwards and David Letterman faced horrible embarrassment. And Steve McNair paid the ultimate price. And let me be clear: I’m SURE there are plenty of women that have cheated or are cheating as well, but for some reason, the men are making the headlines for it. ...more


You ask if I am nervous cause I am constantly moving Its because its other things at that moment that I would rather be doing…. Like tracing my tongue over your breast And letting my hands explore the rest Kissing you gently between your thighs…… Glancing up and seeing lust in your eyes Running my fingers through your hair Slowly sliding off your underwear Wondering if you taste as good as you smell……. And tickling your spine with my finger nail Am I nervous… I think not Just wishing I can find all 101 spots.. that get you hot ...more