30 Valentine's Day Love Messages

Whether you're in a serious relationship or have been married for a few years, it's important to remember that everyone likes to be reminded how important they are to you.  With Valentine's Day just a short week away, take a few moments to let the one you love know exactly how you feel....more
Thank you so much Blog Her for featuring my post.  It's such a joy being part of this awesome ...more

More than Valentine's Day: Everyday Love Notes for My Teen

I have never been a fan of Valentine's Day; it's always felt manufactured and forced to me. Isn't the whole point of loving someone that you let them know, y'know, kind of all the time? Why is a specific day needed to let someone know you care? (Or, alternatively, to let those people who maybe don't feel as loved as they wished feel even more alone and alienated than usual?) I got to thinking about this a little while ago as I considered the holiday, and the fact that for the first time, I'm not with my daughter for it. ...more
Love. Thanks for inspiring me to do the same. Even if it's a text.. our VDay sucked yesterday ...more

Love Notes

What time is it?  Can you just hear that line from that Jason Mraz song?  Well today I was all set to watch American Idol at 8pm and ran my kids off so I could have the TV and everything….. only to find out it isn’t Wednesday!!!!  It’s still Tuesday ARGH!  Okay, so I’ll have to wait another day to watch American Idol but I don’t really want to watch anything else on TV right now....more
Ah, yes, Valentines is right around the corner. Well, hubby and I are planning to just stay ...more

When Bloggers Write Love Letters

We have these places, these blogs, where we write. I think often of what I'm leaving behind for my daughter to read, but also, my husband. ...more

I love that you wrote about writing love letters, it is exactly what I did for the first time ...more

Send a little love note for Valentine's Day!

Give the gift of love by sharing love notes from your heart! This DIY love notes box makes a great, ...more

Sex Talk

Okay ladies. Things have gotten a little heavy around here. The air has been thick with incredibly moving and captivating stories. So, I felt it was time to lighten the mood. Plus we haven’t talked sex in a while. So let’s do that. I warn you: this post is for sex and the committed person. If you’re single and screwing your brains out, please come back tomorrow. ...more

Totally agree with your post! Something that's always a crowd pleaser...Make out. You ...more

Lunch Box Love Notes for Kids

It's Back-to-School time soon. In anticipation, here are some free lunch box notes to include in the kiddos' lunches. The first page of the pdf has little sayings on each note and the second page has spots for personalizing your own note. Enjoy. Leave a comment. Have fun.http://bit.ly/9sPLf4  Jackiehttp://living.weelife.comIt's about the wee things....more

Spread a Little Hope Around

I don’t know that you would call me a predominately hopeful person. I have chronic migraines, which fall in and out of remission. When I’m in remission I’m a pretty happy go lucky girl, and I do things like chalking love messages on my urban slate. But when I’m out of remission, HOPE is not generally flashing like big neon sign over my personality. Today there is migraine. Yesterday there was migraine. The day before…well, you get the picture. Hope has been running on empty these days. ...more

Thanks so much for including me in this awesome list. Looks like there's a lot of love and hope ...more