Jesus Calls Us to Love One Another

 Jesus calls us to love one another. Even ones who are unlovely. Jesus loved the unloved and unlovely. Love others as God loves us....more

Blanket Drive~Project Linus

This past fall my youngest daughter started having severe tummy aches which resulted in appendicitis.  It was a miserable time for her and when she was admitted to the hospital because it had ruptured she was hurting and scared.  The nice thing was that she was given a super cute blanket donated by an organization called Project Linus.  ...more

31 days, 31 ways to Love : Keepsakes for YOU

Happy December 1st to you!!! So trusting the wonder of the right now finds you feeling hope, exuding joy, and expecting a bounty of good. Oh, I simply adore this month!!! For me, each December, I find my heart deeply yearning to know what more can I do to hold and hug someone's right now, let her or him know they're okay just as they are, and find a way to virtually hold hands and hearts with humanity....more

Stop the Self Hatred: permission to BE: to love one's self, to love other, to love all

Permission…to be. Today’s Martin Luther King Jr. Day. And for many of us, we’ll take a few moments or even hours to ponder his inspiring speech of 46 years ago “I have a Dream.” And we may even reflect a bit on our own lives and ask ourselves questions like “What of that speech inspires me? How are my footsteps fulfilling it?” Or deeper still “What is my dream?” It seems as good a time as any to offer mine: ...more