Bibliophiles Unite

 THERE IS NOTHING LIKE HOLDING A REAL, PHYSICAL BOOK.  I love the smell and feel of real books. I must admit, although I thought I would never use the reader my kids bought me, when I realized that I could cart hundreds of books around with me that weighed only ounces, I  was hooked.  HOWEVER YOU READ, HERE IS A COLLECTION OF inspirational , witty and humourous quotes about the love of books and reading. The first quote describes me!...more

A Priceless Conversation with my Daughter

Today will be a short post, because I spent most of my day in manic productivity. I wish I could say all of that energy resulted in words, but I did make progress there, too. And I cleared up my calendar for some serious writing tomorrow....more

Scent of a Woman

For as long as I can remember I have loved books. I used to make my parents read me the same stories over and over again until I had them memorized and then I would recite them verbatim, impressing their friends and my aunts and uncles by telling them I was reading. When I actually did learn to read you couldn't get my nose out of whatever book I was reading. My dad, an English teacher, would take my sister and I to the library often to ensure we always had a stack of books to pick from, especially during breaks from school....more

Reading Over Break: A Preteen's Perspective

My lovely sixth grade daughter, Jackie, is a great sport. She rarely grumbles when I ask her to write thank you notes after Christmas, and even went along with my idea to write this post.Enjoy her thoughts on Christmas break.*****Mom asked me to write a post for her blog this week. Like I don't write enough when I'm in school. She didn't even give me a topic, and I was in the middle of watching A Christmas Story when she asked.She offered to type if I told her the words, so I made the deal....more
Victoria, That sounds like a lovely day, so hope you are able to squeeze it in!more

Reclaiming my Passion and Happiness. Join Me!

Reading the Happiest Mom, Join Me!...more