Integrating Your Brain and Pelvic Floor

To some extend most women have a pelvic floor that is either hypertonic or hypotonic. The musculature that supports us at our deepest core is either too tense or too weak. Either end of that spectrum can leave us with issues of incontinence, urge or stress related, or difficulty with our other natural elimination process. They can also cause us to be ineffective in our attempts to move our work into the world in an empowered and coherent gesture because the part of the brain that manages our pelvic floor muscles is also over working or under working....more
Here is a missive that may provide more guidance. Thank you Janie for your email and willingness ...more

Should Older Women Use Money, Power and Sex to Entice Younger Men?

Most women do not realize that money - just like the promise of hot, raw sex - is a hell of an aphrodisiac.The powerful cocktail of money, power and sex make the women in possession of this mix irresistible to younger, inexperienced and vulnerable males.Well anyway, isn’t this the same type of attraction older, successful men project toward younger women? The very same way the promise of an easier life attracts a younger woman, normally out of an old coot’s league, is the same promise that attracts a younger man who is normally out of a prowling cougar’s league....more