Weekly Writing Challenge: Music

Oh, I’m excited to write this one.  I’m excited about this post.  WordPress feeds me prompts, and this one — this one I can write about.Music.  Sweet, sweet music.Whenever people ask me what I’m into, I have to throw music in, because I can’t picture life without it.I play it, I sing it, I listen to it often....more

Valentine's Day Mix Tape; Because I Love You, Blogosphere

For those of us who came of age in the 80s and 90s there was no greater romantic gesture than making a mix tape for the one you loved. Which is why, blogosphere, in honor of February 14th, I made you a mix tape. Of love songs. Because it's Valentine's Day.The Beatles acoustic rendition of Something [In The Way She Moves] is one of the most insanely beautiful songs ever sung.NEXT--> ...more
Hmmmm... top of the list would be Sinead's Last Day Of Our Acquaintance.more

12 Not So Typical Love Songs on My Valentine's Day Playlist

Here are 12 favorite--but not so typical--love songs on my Valentine's Day Playlist. Plus a few alternatives if romance is the last thing on your list. (Click on the link to hear the songs via iTunes.)Enjoy.xo Chris...more
@Chris--MomathonBlog.com They both make me swoon ;)more

Side A: Love Songs, Part 1

If music be the food of love, play on....more