Soft-bellied Woman

One of the many things that distinguished Nanny from all the other grandmothers in the world was her belly. Nanny's arms and legs were really skinny but she had this belly. It wasn't large but it was soft and a little rounded. And every once in awhile, she'd flash it at us. Yup. Nanny was nothing if not mischievous. And, at some point in her hard-working adult life, she had herniated her belly button. I never knew how. Pushing furniture around? Gardening?...more

Is It Really Possible For Us to Love Our Bodies?

I really like the idea of Love Your Body Day. If you normally don’t take the time to celebrate your body for what it can do, and rather focus strictly on what it looks like, here’s an opportunity to change things up a bit. After reading through some of the posts written that day, though, as well as some others related to body image that didn’t specifically mention Love Your Body Day, I couldn’t help but wonder if it really does any good. ...more

You know I was following the Love Your Body Day as well and I was eleated that 1. It existed ...more

Our Bodies, Our Selves, Our CHILDREN'S Selves

It's Love Your Body Day. That's a good thing, and, also, a very, very sad thing. ...more

Dancing with your child is a great way to love your body without having to say anything about ...more

A Letter to My Body for Love Your Body Day 2008

October 15th is Love Your Body Day from the NOW Foundation. They ask, "Do you love what you see when you look in the mirror?" Honestly, most days when I look in the mirror, I feel pretty OK about who I see. And grateful that I feel pretty OK about who I see, truth be told. But love? Hm... You know, when I love my body is when I'm using it. Feeling it. ...more

I have actually only just heard about Love your body day after sifting through ...more