If Not Now, When?

Take a deep breath, and JUMP!Most of us, women especially, walk around with lingering  what if's in our heads. Some of those thoughts are small - the dress, the hair color, the date, the meal, the other car - but some of them are big - quitting the job, changing careers, leaving the spouse, not having children, moving to another state; these thoughts don't keep us up at night, but on the worse days they do creep out into our frontal thoughts....more

Eating Disorders – Because Sandwiches Are Gross

You guys are too gullible, come on now, I’m not about to bash these poor girls.Some people don’t see the truth when they look in the mirror. They don’t see that they are wasting away. You have no idea how easy it is to convince yourself that you’re fat, ugly, old or anything else.It’s just as easy to convince yourself that you’re perfect and beautiful just the way you are.Pssst, trust the wrinkled, old looking one.http://skinnyandsingle.wordpress.com/...more

Finding What Empowers You

Empowerment."To give power to".  Empowering yourself is to be who you are in your heart, mind, body and soul.  In essence, you are allowing yourself to be the best person you can be. You are allowing and giving the gift of love to yourself....more
Found and Bliss Thank you!  It took me finding this passion to realize that I CAN be empowered ...more

5 Ways to Love Yourself

We’ve all heard the saying “in order to love others, you must love yourself.” I’m not sure who coined that phrase but it is so true. There are many negative things that can happen to us if we don’t practice self-love, but for this post I want to focus on ways to love ourselves so those things don’t come into play.So, what is love? Some people don’t know what love means. I admit that I also was clueless until my late 20s. It took some hard life lessons to learn how to love myself and recognize love from others....more

#TransformationTuesday: How an Internet Meme Helped Me Realize That I'm Happy

As an avid Instagram user, I always try to keep up with the latest trends. I don’t always participate, but as someone who loves social media and uses it daily both in my life and career, I like to know what’s popular. Social media is always evolving and changing, and it’s important to me to keep up with those changes. One weekly hashtag that I’ve had an interest in has been #TransformationTuesday. ...more
LadyCynthiana Thank you! :)more

Your Body is a Canvas

Lets face it. We all hate something about our bodies. Every one of us. I hate my tummy. I hate my flabby underarms, and my butt is flat.  But, I got some killer legs and awesome breasts. How can women look at themselves and find something about them that they love?...more

Letter To Myself

Dear Suzi,...more

Love Thyself

No matter how hard one may try, it’s nearly impossible to ignore the absurdity of the Hallmark holiday that is Valentine’s Day.  I tried to find some deeper meaning behind February the 14th on Wikipedia, but alas, there is not much to it.  Love it or hate it, it’s not going anywhere, and the media and retail outlets are going to do their best to shove it down our throats.There’s nothing wrong with expressing our love to those we care about, but Valentine’s Day can really make you feel bad about yourself if you don’t have the right attitude about it.  First off, we don’t all need to be involved in relationships, and if we are, we shouldn’t be made to feel like we’re not loved enough if our significant other didn’t buy us ten pounds of chocolate, 20 carats worth of diamonds, a castle and a unicorn. As if the commercials and shopping malls weren’t bad enough, there’s always those people we know on social media who post a million pictures of the fancy dinner and giant teddy bear, and dozen roses that Mr. or Mrs. Right gave them, while they wax poetic about how perfect he/she is.  Honestly, good for them. It’s nice to see other people happy (if that’s the case, and not just a front for social media sake), but we don’t need to feel like less than a person if we’re not in the same boat.  So DON’T....more

Be a Better YOU

Hello readers! While I run a blog on health and nutrition, I decided to touch on a topic about how to be the healthiest you ever!...more

The Luna Park Mirror affect

I have just spent the last two days working on the floor in our Adelaide store in Norwood and whilst I thought I knew and had seen it all re the behaviours of women when endeavouring to purchase a new frock, now I'm not so sure. The South Australians really have it over the NZ girls as to having such a love/hate relationship with their body. What the hell is this about girls? Why is fat such a feminist issue? Either love and embrace what you have or change it. Only you can do this....more