Your Daily Reading: “Living Wide Awake™” Allow Your Heart to Open 5-19-12

Practicalities are ruling.Your winning ways of being well-organized and persevering in hard times are propelling you to a stable place.Your desire (maybe a secret) is your want to be appreciated and loved in return for your love and kindness.Opposing Energies: Selfishness, miserly, scarcity consciousness, avarice, depression.This is an interesting day…The energies reflect persevering and an emergence of desires for besting one’s life with more emotional comforts and luxuries....more

Will Your Life be Celebrated as One Well-Lived?

Memorial services and funerals have always been for the living -- a way for family and friends of the recently passed to acknowledge, honor, and celebrate the life of their loved one.I attended a memorial service today for the husband of a friend. We’re not close friends – but she’s a woman I like and admire, who had been very supportive when I started running, and I wanted to show my support in her time of loss....more

Write, He Said (Major Surgery & the Road to Recovery) — My Amazing Family — Sunday Morning Rerun

I'm rerunning this post today because it's as true today as it was then.  ...more

Don't Assume What He Is Thinking

As the meeting went on...past the scheduled ending time, I felt my stomach clutch into a knot. Knowing my man was waiting for me and yet wanting to stay until the end of the meeting, I found myself feeling tense and uncomfortable. I knew he would be upset and I find myself bending over backwards to keep that from happening. I felt pressure in my throat. Wait a minute here. Haven't I felt like this before? Only a thousand times. Wait another minute, how old am I? Thirteen? ...more