Self Esteem and Your Dating Life

So here I am in the present again. I just passed the first YEAR anni of being on POF and tomorrow it’s again a year to the day I met BMX so this week has been rife with sentiment and revelations and memories - all kinds of good shit. Sigh. And what’s an anniversary without a pity party, on the phone sobbing: “I'm gonna to die alone, Allison!!”? Yeah. Break out the champagne, girlies. It was THAT much fun....more

Learning to Love Myself and Sharing It

Looking back as the person I am today it's hard to believe there was a time I hated myself so much. I didn't know I hated myself, it was my normal. I wasn't born feeling that way, it was a feeling that was fostered by an emotionally abusive environment from the people I loved the most and were supposed to love me.  Eventually a time came and I was forced to choose to either let go and endure unimaginable amounts of pain from the loss or hold on to what I could not change and eventually let it destroy me. I choose to live....more

New Year, New Moe?

For the past two years, I have examined who I am as a person and a blogger. Each year I make a promise to myself to do better, but those promises are always empty and nothing ever changes. I have come to a point where it’s pretty obvious, I can't keep on the same road I have been traveling, as it has done nothing but keep me stagnant. I personally feel as though I'm not living up to my full potential, and it is causing inner turmoil because I know I can do better. I have...quite a few times. ...more

Soul Spa

I’ve been feeling pulled to write about the spirit and personal growth, for quite some time. I see women whose life work is bringing soul work to the forefront of media. Every time I read the work of, hear or meet these women doing this work I think “I could totally do that…IF!”If I had a forum. If I had more stability. If I had more credibility. If, if, if....more

Skin Deep

In the 80’s, when I was in high school, I had a boyfriend who was the love of my life. We went on to date in my first year of college. And of course as young lovers do, we would break up and make up. The last time that we broke up I thought that it would be like all of the other times. To my surprise, we didn’t get back together like we had in the past. We had not called each other in nearly a month. Then, on a weekend trip home from school, I learned why I had not heard from him. He was dating someone else....more

Loving and liking

Yeah, you may look good... But do you love yourself? #thepowerof1 was so real to me last night as I sat naked in front of a mirror. This is what I recorded:Standing in the mirror. I'm standing in the mirror for the first time it seems. Because it's the first time I like what I see. My hair my eyes my curves make sense, everything about me is beautiful. Happy in my skin. Happy to be me....more

Beauty Time

Today, I took time for me. I went to the Beauty Trend Show at Nordstrom -- my first time. WOW! What an energetic day filled with beauty, makeup, fragarance, and money! I took time to allow professionals to tell me about the latest and greatest makeup -- same stuff we've been using -- and bought some new things for myself. You're supposed to throw the stuff out every now and then, and since I am not a heavy makeup person, it takes me a long time to use it. In fact, I have had the same compact of powder for years!!! ...more

Being Comfortable In My Own Backyard

I am not a vain person. Nor am I fashion forward, conscious, or an –ista. In fact, I have been known to tape together my clothes if there is a particularly obnoxious hole in it and sewing is not available. Some people call it cheap, I call it thrifty. This being said, I wasn’t one that went without a bra, ventured to wear coverless spaghetti straps, or be in public with completely crazy tangled hair. Not that there is anything wrong with this and if you do these things then power to you, that just wasn’t me....more

I Don’t Make Mistakes

I don’t make mistakes.Am I perfect? No. Far from it. I’ve made more bad choices in life than I care to share or can possibly remember.  Some choices I made because I didn’t know any better.  Some choices I made because I pretended I didn’t know any better. And some choices I made because they were the best choice amongst a bunch of shitty choices. Still, I hold firm to the belief that I’ve never made mistakes....more
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