I See You: Remembering Our Importance in a World of Social Media

I live in a huge city. As cities go, Toronto isn’t the biggest ever, but it’s still big enough that you can be completely anonymous. I often walk briskly down Bloor or Yonge St. and think about the people I pass. What kind of lives do they have? What are they thinking about? Are we just faces in the crowd? Does anyone really see anyone here?...more

Celebrating My Birthday By Honoring All of Me

I wait in the clearing for them to join me. It is my celebration, after all. The sun is shining, bathing the lea in a warm glow. There is an entire meadow of soft greenery for us to dig our toes into. Nothing sharp, nothing dangerous, nothing to mar our time together. There is just the slightest breeze. The sky is the most pleasant timeless blue imaginable. ...more

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Dive in and SWIM..unless of course you wanna just "wait and see..."

It’s 3:00 pm and the doorbell rings. You ask who’s there: “Who d'ya think silly? C’mon over and let’s go swimming!!” You yell back, “Hang on, wait a sec..Lemme go see.” “Hurry up ...I'm hot.” You run back up the hallway, charge into mom’s room, go to interrupt her and realize she's already nodding yes (mom's have the longest hearing range) and off you dash for the necessities: towel, suit, flipflops and bubble gum of course....more

'Til I Can See So Wide'

The Swing...Robert Louis Stevenson How do you like to go up in a swing, Up in the air so blue? Oh, I do think it the pleasantest thing Ever a child can do! Up in the air and over the wall, Till I can see so wide, River and trees and cattle and all Over the countryside--...more

Pink's Grammy 2010 performance makes me ask: When will loving ourselves matter?

I offer this video as a nudge for the start of a month who's focus is on love. ...more

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Nurturing My Now...Step by Step

This is the first in a series "Being True To You" for Tuesday Okay. Here it is. I'm on the edge of my seat blogging from a place of conflict: On one hand I'm experiencing utter frustration with myself which accusingly ruminates: "You're such an idiot. You know better than this. You're so completely weak. There ya go being indecisive, yet again. When are you gonna matter to you? When are you going to become number one to you and commit to your life for cryin out loud?"...more

3 FUN and GENTLE Remedies for Post Holiday Blues

It's Monday. Holidays are history. We're standing in our present and creating our 2010. And the reality of post holiday Monday may be just setting in right about now with our thoughts already piling high with all the stuff we didn't do that we wished we would have like: spent more time with more familysent out thank you cardsmade an effort to see those friendshad more funstuck to our New Year's resolutionget that to do list done once and for all. And on and on and on....more

Healing Self Hatred...a Vital First Step

I've always had a passion for finding the good in someone, zeroing into it, celebrating it, valuing that individual, either from afar or more directly to them in words or deeds. This just has kinda always been a trait of mine. My uncle actually used to giggle when I'd write a note to him on a birthday card. "Tre always makes me feel so much better than I really am." I used to laugh when he'd say that....more

Why I Chose Not to Spend the Holiday with My Mother

So it’s Monday after the holiday and I’m writing today to share a bit of the why behind why I opted to spend it on my own. And while a few of you may accuse me of being selfish or inconsiderate, a few more of you may nod with me and maybe even wish you’d given yourselves similar permission. And it’s for that possibility I want to offer this: This Christmas, I gave myself permission to spend the holiday on my own. Translation: I consciously chose not to spend it with my mother. Breathe. Pause....more

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Mom in fact responded in a ...more