Why You Are "Good Enough"

Prompt for Nov. 6;  
If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?...more
Well said! All of your imperfections make you sound quite lovable... and real. Thanks for sharing!more

"There's nothing special about me"

"what makes us think the aspects of our character can't compete with the talents we may or may not use"...more

How to: Knowing yourself

"...we have an underlying character comprised of many layers which need to be explored."   ...more

The Stigma

Okay I wasn’t sure I was going to talk about this but once again today I overheard it.  The stereotype.  The stigma that is attached to the person in a relationship that is cheated on.  It is everywhere and to be honest I don’t think the people who are talking about it fully understand what they are saying or how they are impacting anyone.  Such is the way of the world on a good day. ...more

Where's My Happily Ever After?

I am grieving for a marriage that is never to be. Certainly, I am extremely grateful for my son. Having him in my life fills my heart with light and love. But at times when I'm feeling sorry for myself, I begin to feel robbed of the false fairy tale of getting married, having two kids, and living happily ever after. ...more
Happily ever after is a myth that is sold to us in childhood through fairytales...it only sets ...more

Dating Advice: Know Your Strengths

I'm currently participating in a one-on-one dating advice coaching program, Fit4Love and Sheila Paxton is my personal coach. The goal of the program is to prepare me to start dating, for me to feel confident about dating and to enjoy dating. We're not even halfway through the program and I'm already feeling much more comfortable about dating. My work this past week was about knowing my strengths. ...more

HOME IS - Where Your Heart BEATS

Sitting on the beach by the Golden Gate bridge is amazing, the view is great, it makes you feel that you are part of history, that you are a dot in the map you can google earth it and if you look real close it might be able to spot you....more


Ah, Valentines Day. The pink and red holiday that always seems to be on steroids. Did you know that this has always been my least favorite holiday? No joke. Even now that I’m married. Valentines Day is just an excuse for Flower Shoppes to overcharge for Roses that will be dead within a week, and for Hallmark to make millions in less than 24 hours thanks to the husbands/boyfriends who wait until the very last minute to go buy a card. Love is something that should be celebrated and embraced every single day. Not just on a holiday like today. But, anyway....more

Dear Body: Just When I Was Beginning To Like You

Life is a funny thing. Life is a funny thing, Mama. Look at any random magazine cover, and the headlines all scream “Like yourself better!” and “Be awesome in 10 days or less!” Self help and self improvement books threaten to burst the shelves at any book store from the weight of all the titles. All screaming for you! You! To buy and become a better you. A you that is different from what you are. ...more
Long & Silky?!! I haven't thought about that in forever! But I was faithful to the brand until ...more