Expert reveals weight loss benefits of high fat low carb ketogenic diet

For years, saturated fats such as coconut oil were relegated to the list of "bad foods." We avoided it like the plague, convinced by so-called experts that it would lead to problems ranging from high cholesterol to heart disease. Recent studies, however, show that it offers benefits ranging from healthy levels of cholesterol to weight loss. At the same time, more experts are recommending low carb high fat (LCHF) ketogenic diets for similar benefits. We asked one of the world's leading nutrition experts, Jonny Bowden, to clarify....more

Recovered from bulimia, Candace Cameron Bure uses low-carb diet to feel 'better than ever'

For all those women who contend that getting older means weight gain, sags and bags are inevitable, Candace Cameron Bure has a message: With the help of a low-carb diet, exercise and a positive attitude, she feels "like I look better now than I ever did in my 20s," said the former "Full House" actress in an interview with Us Weekly. ...more
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How resistant starch and safe starch can enhance Paleo and low carb diets

What's the new buzz term in the low carb and Paleo diet communities? Resistant starch.  One of the wizards in the weight loss world, Jimmy Moore, invited a group of experts to explain the role that resistant starch can play in achieving your goals on his "The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show." ...more

Discover seven weight loss and health benefits of low-carb high fat ketogenic diets

What do you want in a diet? Most of us want a plan that will promote health while resulting in safe, effective, permanent weight loss. And although the ultimate answer as to the best diet plans remains to be determined, research increasingly shows that low carb high fat (LCHF) ketogenic diets are more effective than high carb low fat plans.Low carb diets have been shown to:...more

Choosing the right low-carb diet: Atkins, Dukan, Ketogenic and South Beach details

If you've decided to go on a diet and lose weight in 2014, it's time to find the right approach. Researchers increasingly are discovering that low carb diets have significant advantages, including boosting your metabolism and helping you stay full longer. From Atkins to ketogenic to South Beach and beyond, get the skinny on different types.Your options for low carb diets:...more

TV host achieves best body ever on high fat low carb ketogenic Atkins diet

Co-host of Melbourne’s Fox FM breakfast show,  Fifi Box says that she's achieved her best body ever by following the low carb high fat ketogenic Atkins diet, according to Yahoo Lifestyle.Fifi lost 15 kg (about 33 pounds) on the diet. “To be in my late 30s now and to have the best body I’ve ever had, it’s amazing,” says the 37-year-old. “I sorted out my life, and losing weight was an added advantage.” ...more

Infertility and the South Beach Diet

I'm going to just come right on out and say it, folks. I'm overweight.There it is, in all its plus-sized glory. I've always been overweight (no, not obese) and have struggled my whole life with finding a. a weight that makes me feel comfortable with myself and b. ways to learn to love myself that have nothing to so with weight.That being said, when we had our meeting with out OBGYN a couple of weeks ago, I asked if losing some weight could help me in regards to future infertility treatments. Remember, my first appointment with the RE isn't until June 16....more

Let the Midlife Makeover Begin!

Tomorrow, I turn 45, and frankly, I've not been aging well.  I know I look older than my age - part of that I can blame on Demi Moore for skewing the curve, but the truth is, years of on and off sugar binging has left my skin pretty damaged and  my hair prematurely gray.  I've been a serial yo-yo dieter, having gained and lost the same 10 - 40 pounds since high school....more

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