Shortcut Moussaka Lo-Co Style

Alternate Post Title: Melissa Clark Rocks.  On a cold day, nothing beats moussaka. There is something so satisfying about this eggplant and spiced lamb casserole topped with creamy béchamel mashed potatoes. The best I've ever had is at NYC's Molyvos: theirs is cinnamon-spiced heaven served up in your own private copper tureen - it's so delicious I won't even share mine. Seriously, we order a second for the table....more
I haven't had moussaka in years. I think I might have to try this :)more

Greek Quiche

Ok, quiche is French but I used non fat Greek yogurt as the quiche base rather than crème fresh or heavy cream; hence Greek Quiche.  You end up with a lighter and definitely healthier version of a traditional quiche.  Once you start using non fat Greek yogurt I don’t think you will ever go back.  The quiche choices are endless so use your family favorites, what is in season or even sneak some veggies in without the kids knowing.   ...more

Panini Magic

Kitchen gadgets are big in my family.  Though truth be told, I’ve gone a bit too far.  Like, approaching hoarders territory.  I can’t believe I’m going to admit this, but we have a ‘magic closet’ where the oh-so-many large and/or not-often used cooking tools live (like my stash of huge, medium, small and mini crock pots – yes I have 4, yes that’s embarrassing.)  It’s like a clown car in there....more

To see PHOTOS of how to fold a tortilla panini, visit the Panini Magic post on my blog: ...more

What is a Low-Fat / Low Cholesterol Recipe, Really?

So there I was in the produce aisle searching for arugula for the easy & delicious (woot!) low-fat / low-cholesterol  recipe I posted about (Pappardelle with Baby Spinach Arugula, Herbs and Ricotta) when my friend Michaela called and peppered me with questions....more