Can low-income families afford to eat healthy?

When discussing social and environmental justice issues, I hear many comments and questions. One keeps repeating itself..."How can lower income families afford to eat healthy?" I understand the argument and have participated in this dialogue. The inner-cities do not have the same access to grocery stores. Their choice is primarily corner stores that do not offer fresh fruit and vegetables. Rather, the least expensive things to buy include Cheetos among other non-nutritional food items. Or, there is always a McDonalds nearby....more

Principal Knows Best: A Ban on Home Packed School Lunches

Home Baked Treats I vividly remember my mother baking cakes, cookies and other treats to take to school for birthdays and holiday parties....more

The United States Of Wal-Mart Moms

There two types of Walmart Moms.  There are The Shoppers, a.k.a 'Walmartians', and The Workers a.k.a 'Welfare Recipients'....more

Low-Income Soccer Snacks

I knew what he was thinking. I knew he couldn’t believe I was spending food stamps on soccer snacks. Believe me, I could think of so many better ways to spend those precious food stamps. Milk. Eggs. Bread. Cereal. Not Gatorade and cookies and little packages of Wheat Thins. It killed me to spend that much of my family’s food money for the month on an entire soccer team. And how would the team feel if they knew that the food their kids would be eating was bought with state money? Would they treat it as if the food were tainted, as if I were poisoning their kids with poor people food? ...more
Oh, wow, this is a great post. There is so much pressure on "snack moms" and the kids can be so ...more

5 Tips for Paying Off Debt When You Earn Peanuts

It's one thing to pay off your student loan or credit card debt when you're a lawyer or doctor earning over $100,000 a year -- but it's a whole different ballgame when you make $30,000, with bonuses! I was one of those crazy starry-eyed kids who racked up thousands of dollars in college debt. I earned almost useless psychology and literature degrees that don't translate to big bucks (or even medium-sized ones)....more