Let's talk about Sex after 50.

I am 58 years old.  I have been married since I was 17 to the same man, that's 40 years together....more

Libido Enchancing Foods

Sex is really about circulation. Think of the last time you made love, your blood vessels dilated, your face flushed, body and senses on fire. You may have felt tired or stressed beforehand, but afterwards you felt relaxed, calm and alive, even high, as if some invisible life force was just pumped into your body, awakening every cell of your being…...more
 @the.me.i.be I'm not sure. Worth giving it a try :-)  more

(VIDEO) Mid-Life Sexual Mojo: The Zestra/Viagra Double Standard

Lately, there seem to be a lot of discussion about mid-life sexual dysfunction –- specificall women’s sexual dysfunction, which I naturally find far more interesting than talk about ED and the ubiquitous print and broadcast advertising campaign behind Cialis and Viagra. Despite commercials flooding the airwaves about ED remedies like Cialis, whose voice-over script refers to "an erection lasting more than four hours," any mention of female sexual pleasure is clearly verboten. ...more

In a lot of ways, I wish that bedroom things would go back and stay there. However, given the ...more