Finding my inner self esteem

After over 40 years of feeling miserable about myself, I have decided to focus this next year to develop my inner self esteem. While highly successful with a wonderful family, I struggle with caring for and about myself. I have been given all the tools to do so and I have struggled to ale care of myself. I am a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, verbal and emotional abuse. After years of punishing myself, I finally have stopped drinking like a fish, making bad decisions with men, and spending money. However, now I need to rebuild my inner self....more

Why Sarah Cuts. (The ugly side of low self-esteem.)

 My interview with a 16 year old cutter....more

How Volunteering Builds Self-Esteem

Many teens today do have healthy self-esteem.  I find teens that engage in one of 3 specific activities to have the highest self-esteem and the most positive self-regard. Theses activities center around doing for others and/or have a higher purpose beyond self....more

How to Rebuild Your Self-Esteem

Self-esteem is basically how we see ourselves in relation to others. It’s not fixed, which means it’s changeable. We all have good days and bad days, but every day is a new opportunity for changing or repairing our self-esteem. To treat ourselves right.  Here are just 5 quick tips that will help repair your self-esteem.1. Have a positive outlook...more

It's a hairy situation.

I've been lying to you all.  I've shamelessly misrepresented myself. Last week, there was a mix-up and I missed an appointment to get my bangs trimmed (that is my fringe for OG English speakers).  I've needed a bang trim since before I went to NYC in fact, and instead of drawing myself as I actually look, I have continued to draw myself with cute short bangs. I'm sorry.  But there is a reason....more

LITM's Evolution

My long time readers already know this story pretty well. But I thought it might be fun to have it all down in one concise place. Plus there are a lot of new readers that may be interested to know how it all began. ...more

When was the last time you were honest with yourself?

Earlier this morning I read an affirmation by Iyanla Vanzant about lies and truth. Iyanla challenges us readers to be honest with ourselves regardless of the circumstances. "Just for today, make a commitment to yourself to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth to yourself, about yourself and to others." (Iyanla) The affirmation touched a nerve within me. I reflected back to the times I continuously lied to myself about many things pertaining to the value of my inner and outer self....more

The Self-Esteem and Social-Esteem of the Food Blogger

The majority of food bloggers are women and this group of women is perhaps not acting as powerfully as they could. (This was pointed out by Lisa Johnson in her post  Are Food Bloggers Negotiating Opportunities where she was speaking about negotiating for pay. But this lack of power is manifested in other ways as well). Many female food bloggers are also homemakers, a job that is undervalued in our society....more

I B Freakin'

A few months ago I wrote about how I was still on the fence about going to BlogHer ’10. Long story short, I spent so much time straddling that damn thing that I missed my chance completely. Early bird registration came and went and then so did all the regular priced tickets....more

While I'd be freaking out too just because it's me and it's BlogHer, the truth is you will have ...more

What Kind of Man Wants 'Serious' With A Single Mom?

So I broke up with someone last week – a single dad of two.   He’s the first man I’ve gone out with since divorcing that I contemplated getting serious with whatsoever.  But even though we go...more