Every Day Is A New Opportunity For Change

 Dear Tazi:...more

My First Year in Blogging

Everyone's doing the recap of their year in blog posts, and since this is my first year of blogging, I will contribute as well. BlogHer doesn't want me to fix my HTML  so I can link dump, so please go to my personal blog to read the full story and get the full HD experience.Four deaths in four months, major heart surgery, tattoos, trips and a whole lotta love and "Drs don't know what's wrong with me" sick. -[.Blood.and.Honey.]- *[See the original post or more of the story at: http://www.chainedmaiden.blogspot.com ]*...more

On Turning Fifty, One Year Anniversary, New Lifestyles and New Directions

It's been a busy few days for us at the broke-down palace. My dad, who turned 50 in November, had to go in for emergency heart surgery. He has arrhythmia, and he had been on a heart monitor for a while. He was seeing double, getting dizzy, and before the heart moniter, when he was younger, he would black out. At one point, his heart rate stopped for 5.5 seconds while being monitered. That's equivalent to 11 beats per minute. At ten seconds doctors consider it cardiac arrest. ...more