Is Testosterone Therapy Dangerous for Men with Low T?

Hundreds of studies have been done on the safety of testosterone (T) therapy in men. This includes the drug approval testing required by FDA for use of T creams and patches in men with symptoms of low T. And the numerous studies done in the US and around the world looking at giving reproductive aged men T for birth control.It is likely that in the next decade there will be a testosterone-based male contraceptive....more

Andropause, the Male Menopause

The sex steroid testosterone provides both men and women with their sexual desire. Differences in people’s drive for sex, their libido, are largely due to differences in the levels of testosterone they make. This is especially true for men. As men age, testosterone (T) levels begin to decline, which can result in men feeling apathetic about sex. It is important to clarify that a low sex drive in men most often comes from Low T....more