How Do I Tell My Son His Friend is Now a Girl?

 My seven-year-old son Zach has been friends with, let’s call her Sara, for about 2.5 years....more

Why I Didn't Attend That Party Offsite During BlogHer13

I feel like I really left people down by not going to a generational party that I was invited to, and I would like to apologize and explain why I declined at the last minute....more
@JennaHatfield  @Karen Ballum there was a lot of smiling at BlogHer this year! :) i am so glad I ...more

I Bleed For Them (poem)

Bleeding due to a wound afflicted upon another can be debilitatingbut that is what empathy is and I have it abundantly....more

Terrific Tuesday - Loyalty

Terrific Tuesday - it is terrific to be loyal to those in your circle....more

What men most appreciate in a woman?

21 Days of Compliments – Day 8

           Yesterday, my husband and I went to meet a couple of German Shepherds and view their puppies. I say this, because I felt if the mom did not take to me, then she would not want me taking one of her babies. Strange as it seems, I have that idea in my head and it was important to me to have some type of report with the mommy dog. I wanted her trust....more

The Whys and Hows of Corporate Coaching

Gone To The Dogs

Here in the Midwest we are firmly entrenched in the dog days of summer.  For one thing, the heat index is soaring to over 105 degrees, typical of August.  For another thing, there is a video sweeping the Internet starring a hero dog.  One little dog, while trying to cross a busy highway is struck by a car.  Enter the hero dog, who bravely crosses a four lane highway, dragging his little doggy friend across the lanes and out of the way, saving his buddy's life.   Not to mention the two dogs ...more


we have all at one point or another had to "divorce" our best friend, for me that occassion happened about two months ago. the things that drew me to her ended up being the things that inevitably caused me to seperate myself from her. we had known eachother when we worked in the same place 18 years ago and though i thought she was annoying at first it was 10 years later that we actually crossed paths again. we had both gone through some things that put us in the same anger management class, domestic violence being the common issue....more

Get Ready to Talk About Sex: Introducing The BlogHer Bedroom Video Chat

Get ready to put sex on your day planners! BlogHer is launching a weekly video chat where I, your fearless misadventuress, will be discussing different topics relating to sex and relationships and answering your questions! ...more

Well every marriage is different and different rules apply. Sometime webcam chats and text chats ...more