Have You Guys Noticed Anything Odd About the LPGA Lately?

I always think of golf as being an extraordinarily conservative game. Any game that requires a person to wear a collar most of the time can come off as uppity. I think that is why people are noticing unusual behavior on the ladies tour recently. It may appear that Guilia Sergas just ate a York Peppermint Patty, but no - she is just pretending to snowboard. And while it may sound like that would be the weirdest thing going on during an LPGA tournament it isn't. ...more

The LPGA Forced to Rethink Controversial "English-Only" Policy

The Ladies Professional Golf Association recently announced a new policy. The new rule stated that players had to pass an English language efficiency exam or face suspension. Understandably the players, fans, sponsors and the blogosphere freaked out. The Asian American Justice Center has a slight problem with this requirement, though, and are organizing a boycott to try and overturn this new ruling: ...more