Merry Christmas

Mommy & Daddy say it's Christmas tomorrow. I have only experienced Christmas once and from what I can remember it was pretty fun.. I got to run around in lots of paper, climb in boxes, chase ribbon and bows.. I even had a sock with my name on it with bones & toys inside! By the end of the day I remember being completely exhausted and not even able to bat a eye or lift a paw....more
Merry Christmas!more

In Memoriam: Saying Goodbye To My Grandfather On The Emmys

Tonight, the red carpet rolls out for the 64th Annual Emmy Awards. I’ll live tweet along with the team at BlogHer, as I’ve done in years past. I’ll have hopes high that certain people take home the award. And as the In Memoriam montage is introduced, I’ll raise a vodka tonic in memory of my grandfather, William Asher. Moments like this, a reminder he’s really not here any longer. Talk about reality TV....more
 @Kathy Benson Thank you, Kathy. it was a year of tremendous loss, not just my own. The Keller ...more

Lucy takes over my mom's backyard

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I opened my mailbox today and found a letter addressed to Ms. Lucy Bern. ...more

Letters to Lucy - Bald is Beautiful

Dear June Bug, ...more

Letters To Lucy - Top Ten Things To Do While Breastfeeding

1. Plan your next vacation-sans children. 2. Wonder who Pamela Anderson and Madonna hired as their "Wet nurses" and how you could get their numbers. 3. Ask God why if women carry the baby why couldn't He have men do the breastfeeding? Then remember it's because men are usually late and would forget to feed the children. 4. Play the minute game with the clock closing your eyes and seeing how close you can come to 60 seconds without peeking. ...more

Staying cool when it's hot outside

I'm in Tulsa this weekend for the men's PGA golf championship, and the buzz here isn't about Tiger Woods shooting a 63 yesterday or John Daly skipping the practice rounds to gamble. No, all anyone can talk about is the weather. Because baby, it's hot here. These last few weeks of summer can be brutal, both because the temperature is up and because we're all feeling compelled to get in one last trip to the beach or the park or the golf course. When you're partaking in hot hot summer fun, it's important to dress smart and not overheat. ...more

It is so important that you mentioned how much sunscreen is needed! Remember, you will want to ...more