For The Lack of Boobs

I am not a large chested woman.  Never have been except during pregnancy.  But something occurred a few years ago that exacerbated the situation.A few years ago, I underwent a lumpectomy.  Pre-cancerous cells were found in the mammary ducts and I was extremely lucky it was caught so early.  Trust me, I understand that the lumpectomy probably saved my life.  I'm not complaining about that at all....more

Boobs, Biopsies, and Lumpectomies


Fighting The Odds

By Guest Blogger Leah Mitelman On October 16, 2006 I had a double mastectomy and breast reconstruction, by choice. The story began several years earlier, when I was 26 yrs old, and my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer....more
I'd like to thank you for the post.Ā  There is so much about breast cancer , well any cancer that ...more