Clean Eating Rainbow Salad

A colorful salad that can be made in minutes served with a lovely almond honey mustard dressing. ...more

Creamy Ricotta Cake with Tomato Relish

Creamy Ricotta Cake with Tomato Relish  By Amy “Foodie” S | Craving Savory, ...more

The Perfect Lunch Bowl


Hey, Mom, what's for lunch?

When I was able to eat hot lunches at school, there were limited options. We ate the food that the kindly nuns made for us. Actually, I am pretty sure the nuns didn’t cook, but it was Catholic school, so you never know.The point is, we didn’t have options.But some schools do give children a choice in what they select for meals, which fascinates me. I can see the boys and girls lining up in the cafeteria, deciding between roast beef or spaghetti. Between carrots or tater tots. (I know that my son would choose the tater tots.)...more

Getting Ahead of the Menu and Forgetting the Bread.

I had a full weekend of cooking! Noah's school menu was full of remakes. Beef ravioli to oatmeal to fish nuggets (those are later in the week and I think I'm going to make fish cakes...Noah has never had them, so this will be a new adventure for him.) ...more

It's What's for Lunch.

I LOVE heating my food up at work. This is typically how it goes... I walk across the building towards the kitchen through the staff area. "Oh, Riann, what do you have today?" "Oh just left overs of XYZ." (today it's pork tacos with lettuce, toms and avocado) or at breakfast it's usually some kind of eggs. Then I heat it up (I had to heat my taco shells broken in half in the toaster- hey, it worked!) and walk back across the building to my office....more