Kale Pesto Pizza - Must try thanksgiving recipe

Kale Pesto Pizza is a must do dish on your dinner table this thanksgiving for your vegetarian friends.The crunchiness of the nuts, bitter and spicy flavor of kale with your favorite cheese toppings refreshes your palate and is good pairing with glass of wine.For more details visit : Kale Pesto Pizza...more

Appam - Vegan and gluten free pancake

Appam is a very soft and delicious, popular South Indian dosa / pancake recipe prepared using rice and coconut.This dish is vegan, gluten free, healthy and very easy to make. It is very soft, fluffy at the center. This tastes the best when served with vegetable korma, vegetable stew, coconut milk.Today I have served this with vegetable stew I will soon post the recipe for the same !...more

Ghee Rice

Ghee Rice is a very delicious, flavorful, quick and easy rice recipe prepared using rice, ghee, aromatic spices, and your favorite dry fruits.This dish can be served alone or with any curry or dal variety of your choice. You can use basmati rice / jasmine rice or even left over rice for this recipe. This is also a perfect lunch box recipe....more

Honey and Milk Bread

Honey And Milk Bread is a very soft and delicious, flavorful and sweet bread that is definitely worth try....more

Capsicum Butti

Capsicum Butti or Capsicum with onion and coconut is a vegan, very delicious and popular Konkani side dish where the capsicum / green bell pepper is cooked in spicy coconut masala. This dish is semi dry and tastes the best when served with steamed rice or any variety of dosa or even bread.You can substitute capsicum with ivy gourd (tendle), cabbage, mushroom (alambe) or even cauliflower....more

Dal Fry

Dal Fry is a very delicious, irresisitable and a popular North Indian dish prepared using split yellow lentil / toor dal, onion, garlic cloves, tomatoes and spices....more

Finding the time to eat

Every evening when I come home from work, I ask my son about his lunch. Most days he gives it high praise: "It was double fantastic awesome!" Some days he gives me helpful criticism: "Please pack the crackers and the cheese separately so the crackers don't get soggy." Our deal is that he has to bring home everything that he didn't eat so I can make sure that he is consuming enough healthy food....more

Grilled Pimento Cheese Sandwiches

Grilled Pimento Cheese SandwichesPrep Time: 2 min. Cook Time: 7 minIngredients:2 pieces crusty Italian bread2-3 tablespoons Roasted Jalapeño Pimento Cheese (see recipe below)2 tablespoons butter, meltedPreparation:...more

Pumpkin Semolina Pancake

Pumpkin Semolina Pancake or dosa is a vegan, quick and easy, delicious pancake recipe that is worth try. This is another perfect way to enjoy the flavor of pumpkin this fall season....more

Vegetables in Coconut Milk

Valval or Vegetables In Coconut Milk is a very popular and delicious no onion no garlic Konkani recipe. This is vegan and gluten free and tastes the best when served with steamed rice. This dish is worth try!...more
This looks delicious! Another great recipe by you that we are excited to try. Cheers!more