Babycorn Mushroom Ghee Roast

Babycorn Mushroom Ghee Roast is very popular and spicy dish in coastal Karnataka served in almost all the restaurants. This dish is prepared by dry roasting the spices and then blending it along with the garlic to smooth paste. The babycorn and mushroom is then nicely roasted in this paste along with ghee/butter....more

Spaghetti in Chipotle Hot Sauce

Spaghetti In Chipotle Hot Sauce is delicious and spicy pasta with smoky flavor prepared using hot sauce and bell peppers.I always love to try out the pasta with different sauces and variations. I am trying the sauce with the smoky flavor for the first time and I am really in love with this. Easy to prepare and very tasty....more

Patrado / Collard Leaves With Indian Twist

Patrado / Collard Leaves With Indian Twist is a very popular, soft, delicious and spicy Konkani recipe prepared using rice, coconut and dry red chill.My mom prepares the best patrado and I still remember my cousins and family members asking her to prepare every time they visit and enjoying it with coconut oil :). When I visited payless store this time, I found this collard leaves and wanted to replicate my mom’s recipe with this. So I gave this a try and the outcome was hit and felt its worth sharing....more

Spinach in Coconut Sauce

Spinach in Coconut Sauce is delicious curry where the spinach is cooked in coconut sauce along with beans of your choice and yellow lentil / toor dal. This dish can be served with steamed rice or neer dosa or even shevai / rice noodles for lunch / dinner / breakfast. This is my simple variation to authentic palak recipe in konkani which is called palak ambat....more

Tofu Bhurji - Quick tofu recipe in 10 minutes

Tofu Bhurji is a quick, healthy, vegan and delicious recipe prepared using tofu, onion, tomatoes and spices. This can be served alone for lunch / breakfast / dinner or with any bread varieties. I have served this with Thai roti bread. This combination is truly yummy one....more

Thai Roti Bread

Thai Roti Bread is a easy to make and tasty bread recipe prepared using flour and milk. This bread can be served with any curry for lunch / dinner / breakfast....more

Challah Bread

Challah Bread is a soft and super delicious braided, Jewish bread prepared using egg, flour, butter and sugar. This bread is so tasty that it can be served alone without any butter or cheese. I have done a plain challah bread. You can always top it with sesame seeds, poppy seeds or chia seeds or even add raisins to the batter....more

Must Try Bread Pakora / Fritters

Bread Pakora / Fritters is a tasty and deep fried snack or finger food that is perfect accompaniment for cocktail / mocktail party or any type of gathering. This is prepared using bread that is at least a day old and chickpea flour. This is also one of the popular street food in India....more

Fun Ideas to Kick Off Back-to-School Lunches

The worst part about returning to school is returning to the lunch time struggle. Every morning, we look through the pantry and refrigerator, trying to find something for the kids to bring to school. It doesn't help that my twins are picky eaters, and it seems like the only things they enjoy eating requires heating in a microwave. We also don't have a lot of time in the morning to make elaborate meals. I've been spending the summer months rounding up some cool ideas for back-to-school. ...more

Neer Dosa / Pancake / Crepe

Neer Dosa is a very popular, thin and gluten free dosa / pancake/ crepe prepared using rice batter in Mangalore, Udupi region of Karnataka. This dosa requires no fermentation. Rice is ground with water to get a runny batter. ‘Neer’ means water in local language. In konkani it is called panpolo....more