(PHOTOS) Great Bento Lunch Ideas

Wyatt's lunch/snack was packed in the Laptop Lunch box: grape tomatoes, broken pretzel sticks from the bottom of the bag, grapes, blueberries and a mini hamburger with a mini hamburger bun. The little yellow tub had catsup in it. The burger was an experiment that ended up going pretty well! ...more
Such great-looking lunches!! Oooohhhh and now I want to play with sliders too haha. Thanks for ...more

Lunch Box Ideas for Back to School

The same scene plays out every weekday morning in kitchens across the country: a tired parent leans forward with one arm holding the refrigerator door open, eyes scanning the shelves for something to pack into a lunch box. What do we have in the house? What do we have that's healthy? What do we have that he will eat? ...more
I have a bento box for my daughter. I like how you use the little cupcake things in the boxes. ...more

October Giveaway: Japanese Obento Set

  For complete contest details, please go HERE. ...more

Declutter your lunch: Stylish lunch boxes and re-totables

Ever had your brown-bagged organic peanut butter & jelly sandwich get flattened into a mushy pancake? Then it's time to get a pretty reusable lunch carrier. Those disposable brown bag lunches, after all, are a constant, trash-creating money drain -- and don't look particularly stylish or cute, either. Thus -- My five favorite lunch boxes and carriers: ...more

These are all great ideas!  The first lunchbox is very cool and definitely puts a grown up ...more