Lunch Wars Author Amy Kalafa Talks to BlogHer

We're reading and discussing Amy Kalafa's book, Lunch Wars this month in BlogHer Book Club. I wasn't even halfway through the book before I was calling my second-grader's school nutritionist. Karen and I talked to Amy about her journey and she gave us, well, some food for thought. ...more
I am packing it all away in my memory bank for when my kids are older. Thanks for sharing.more

Lunch Wars: Seven Things You Can Do Right Now

[Editor's Note: We asked BlogHer Book Club author Amy Kalafa (Lunch Wars) to give us some tips on what we can do right now to improve school food and our kids' nutrition. Here's what she had to say! -Rita]...more
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Get to Know Lunch Wars Author Amy Kalafa

Amy Kalafa, author of BlogHer Book Club's latest pick, Lunch Wars, has been fighting the good fight in lunchrooms since she produced and directed the acclaimed documentary Two Angry Moms. ...more
Oh, I didn't even think about getting the documentary from the library - great idea! I just put ...more

Read an Excerpt From Lunch Wars

I’ve been collecting this list of myths since I began my quest to learn what could be done to improve school food. They’ve been chanted to me like mantras, repeated by force of habit. Henry Ford famously stated, “If you think you can do a thing or can’t do a thing, you’re right.” It’s all about attitude. Here are some of the myths, and some ideas for addressing them to help change attitudes about wellness in your school community....more

Amy Kalafa's Lunch Wars: A Hard Look at Ourselves

When I saw Amy Kalafa's Lunch Wars: How to Start a School Food Revolution and Win the Battle for Our Children's Health in the BlogHer Book Club line-up, I knew I was in for a hard look at my own seven-year-old second grader's eating habits. And boy, was I right....more
I *hope* to really instill in my children a love of fresh homemade food so much so that they ...more