Tired Feet and Brain

       Sure hope I post everything I ate. 9 hour work day and most of it I was on my feet. Let get right to my issue with lunch I still haven't figure what I need to do.I took a peanut butter sandwich with strawberry rice syrup. Confession time....I feel funny eating food in front of my client.Carrie and I went quite a few places and one of the places we went was the pharmacy as she was picking up her medication. I ate my sandwich and it was past 1:30...more

Tri-color rice



Hockey season is over. Can I get a ‘Yay!’?Honestly I didn’t have it all that bad, we could have been much busier with hockey than we were. Still I’m happy to have my weekends back … at least, until Soccer starts on April 20th I have a few precious Saturdays....more

Food Is Love in Our Family

I share photos of my kids' lunches, which means I get a lot of good-natured "Why do you spend so much time making lunches?" questions. Besides the obvious benefits of feeding them good and healthy food, the answer is simple. Of the many lessons my mom taught me, there is one I practice every day. Food is love....more
@Genie Gratto  @emilyguybirken I love that story, too!more